Pharma top 10 companies in India

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Top 10 pharma companies in India

India has been self-dependent in the pharmaceutical sector for the last 40 years. Around 20000 pharmaceutical manufacturing companies were registered in India in 2002. Even then India used to export medicines to countries like Russia and America. In 2002 alone US $ 4 billion was exported to the US which was a big achievement. At that time most of the exports went to America and Russia. Due to the Patent Act of 1970, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies were established in India. That act greatly helped India to progress in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. Here in this article, you will be updated in detail about Pharma top 10 companies in India.

Pharma top 10 companies in India

Top ten Indian pharma company

PositionCompanyMarket Cap
1Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.Rs.1,62,579 Cr.
2Divis Laboratories Ltd.Rs. 115,642 Cr.
3Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.Rs. 90,376 Cr.
4Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Rs. 49,451 Cr.
5Biocon Ltd.Rs. 48,930 Cr
6Piramal Enterprises Ltd.Rs. 57,252 Cr.
7Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.Rs. 56,671 Cr.
8Cipla Ltd.Rs 79,014. Cr.
9Abbott India Ltd.Rs.35,140 Cr.
10Lupin Ltd.Rs. 52,707 Cr.

India is the top generic medicine supplier in the world. India has a 30% market share of the US generic medicine market which costs about 70 to 80 billion US dollars. India is now fulfilling 50% of the global demand for all vaccines, nearly 40% of the US’s, and about 25% of the UK’s demand if completed by India alone. There are more than 20000 thousand Pharma companies that are manufacturing their products in different states. The top ten Indian pharma companies are listed below in terms of their market capital value and market share.  

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Quality of Indian Pharma Products: 

Indian drugs supplied to the world have found some quality issues from 2015 to 2017, in two years India received 31 warning letters from the US FDA, However, being the biggest supplier of medicines, it is obvious to get a maximum number of warnings.

Although according to Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, a total of 24000 samples were sent for quality analysis in 2009, only 9 of them were found spurious, which was far below 1% (0.46%), the picture was totally different from FDA warnings. 

While, in 2017 only 3.17% of samples were found sub-standard, and 0.24% only were found fake. The sub-standard drugs may be due to minor faults even manner of labeling error is also counted as sub-standard. This shows the quality of Indian medicines has improved rapidly in the last few years.

Pharma top 10 companies as per Market Cap Value in India

According to Moneycontrol the market cap value of the top 10 pharma companies in India, on the date of 29.06.2021 were as listed below:

1. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

  • Market Cap  (Rs Cr.): 1,62,57954.84
  • P/E  Book Value (Rs):  206.22  
  • Dividend (YIELD):   1.11            

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company is having it's headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, The Pharma giant deals in the manufacturing and sale of pharmaceutical products, OTC and generic segments,  and also a big player in active pharmaceutical ingredients in India and the United States. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries get acquisition of Ranbaxy in 2014, which made it the 5th largest generic manufacturer in the world.


Sun Pharmaceuticals has more than 40 manufacturing plants all over the world. There are both API and formulation plants among the 40 units. Sun Pharma has manufacturing facilities on six continents. These manufacturing units are located in India, the US, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Hungary, Israel, Bangladesh, Mexico, Romania, Ireland, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, and Malaysia. Its products are sold across 150 countries worldwide.

Sun Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing units address in India.

  • Dadar & Nagar Haveli Unit: SURVEY NO 259/15 DADRA & NAGAR HAVELI - INDIA
  • Baddi, Dist Solan, Unit:P NO 1341 & 1342 EPIP-1 HILL TOP INDL AREA BADDI - INDIA.
  • Panoli Unit: PLOT NO 25 & 24/2 GIDC PHASE IV PANOLI - INDIA
  • Ankleshwar Unit-: PLOT NO 4708 GIDC ANKLESHWAR - INDIA.

2. Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.

  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.):90,37639.01  
  • P/EBook Value (Rs): 1,060.55
  • Dividend (YIELD): 0.46                          

Dr. Reddys Laboratories Ltd is a Hyderabad-based Indian Multinational Pharmaceutical company, the company was founded by Anji Reddy in 1984. The group has more than 10 FDA-approved plants across India.

Dr. Reddy Laboratories Manufacturing Facilities:

Manufacturing sites in INDIA 

Corporate Office:
  • Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. 8-2-337, Road No. 3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad Telangana 500034, INDIA, Tel: +91.40.4900 2900
  • API Hyderabad Plant 1: Plot No. 137 & 138 IDA Bollaram, Jinnaram Manglobaladddal Medak District Telangana, 502 325. INDIA Tel: +91.8458.283 200
  • API Hyderabad Plant 2: Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited, Chemical Technical operations, Unit - II, Plot No. 1, 75A, 75B, 105, 110, 111 & 112, Sri Venkateswara Co-operative Industrial Estate, Bollaram, Jinnaram (Mandal), Sangareddy District, Telangana, India, Pin Code: - 502325.
  • API Hyderabad 3: Plot No. 116, 116A & 126C & SY No. 157 IDA Bollaram, Jinnaram Mandal Medak District Telangana 502 325. INDIA Tel: +91.8458.283 700
  • API Nalgonda Plant: Peddadevulapally Tripuraram Mandal Nalgonda District Telangana 508 207. INDIA Tel: +91.8689. 253 150
  • API Srikakulam Plant: IDA Pydibheemavaram Ransthal Mandal Srikakulam District Andhra Pradesh 532 409. INDIA Tel: +91.8942.288 131
  • API Srikakulam Plant (SEZ): Sector No. 28 & 34 Devunipalavalasa Village Ranastalam Mandal Srikakulam District Andhra Pradesh 532 409. INDIA Tel: +91.8942.304141
  • Formulations Hyderabad Plant 1: Plot No. 146 IDA Bollaram, Jinnaram Mandal, Medak District, Telangana 502 320. INDIA Tel: +91.8458.279 669
  • Formulations Hyderabad Plant 2: S Y No. 42, 45, 46 & 54, Bachupally, Qutubullapur Mandal, Ranga Reddy District, Telangana, 500090. INDIA,Tel: +91.40.4464 2200
  • Formulations Hyderabad Plant 3: S Y No. 41, Bachupally, Qutubullapur Mandal, Ranga Reddy District, Telangana 500090. INDIA Tel: +91.40.4464 3440
  • Formulations Baddi Plant 1: Khol, Nalagarh, Solan District, Nalagarh Road, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh 173 205. INDIA Tel: +91.1795 56001
  • Formulations Baddi Plant 2: Village Mauja Thana, Nalagarh Baddi Road, Baddi, Solan District, Himachal Pradesh 173 205. INDIA, Tel: +91.1795 650761
  • Formulations Vizag SEZ Plant 1: Plot No. P1-P9, Phase III, Duvvada, VSEZ, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530 046. INDIA, Tel: +91.8913 013400
  • Formulations Vizag SEZ Plant 2: Plot No. Q1 to Q5, Phase III, Duvvada, VSEZ, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530 046. INDIA, Tel: +91.8913 013400
  • Formulations Srikakulam SEZ Plant: Sector No. 9-13 & 17-20, Devunipalavalasa Village, Ranastalam Mandal Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh 532 409. INDIA, Tel: +91.8942 200046
  • Formulations Srikakulam SEZ Plant Unit II: Sector No. 9-13 & 17-20, Devunipalavalasa Village, Ranastalam Mandal, Srikakulam District Andhra Pradesh 532 409. INDIA, Tel: +91 8942 304300
  • Biologics: Survey No. 47, Bachupally Village, Qutubullapur Mandal, Ranga Reddy District Andhra Pradesh 500090. INDIA
  • Integrated Product Development Organization (IPDO): Bachupally Village, Qutubullapur Mandal, Ranga Reddy District, Telangana 500 123. INDIA, Tel: +91.40.4434 6200
  • IPDO, BANGALORE: 39-40, KIADB Industrial Area, Electronic City Phase II, Hosur Road, Bangalore 560 100. INDIA, Tel: +91.80.7102 5444
  • Aurigene Discovery Technologies Limited: 39-40, KIADB Industrial Area, Electronic City Phase II, Hosur Road, Bangalore 560 100. INDIA
  • ADTL, HYDERABAD: Bollaram Road, Miyapur, Hyderabad 500 049. INDIA
  • Technology Development Center I: Bollaram Road, Miyapur, Hyderabad 500 049, INDIA
  • Technology Development Center II: Plot 31A IDA, Jeedimetla, Hyderabad 500 050, INDIA, +91.40.2309 5272

Manufacturing sites in China

There are two manufacturing facilities of Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd in China.

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.

  • Beijing Representative Office, Room 1509-1515, Tower A, Gemdale Center, No. 91, Jianguo Road Chaoyang District 100026, Beijing, P.R. CHINA, Tel: +86.10.6562 3000/ 6562 3001
  • Kunshan Rotam Reddy Pharmaceutical Co. Limited
  • No.258, Huang Pu Jiang (M) Road, Kunshan Development Zone, Jiangsu Province 215 300 P.R. CHINA.

Manufacturing sites in the UK

There are two manufacturing facilities of Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd in the United Kingdom.
  • Dr. Reddy's Laboratories (UK) Limited: 6, Riverview Road, Beverly, East Yorkshire, HU 17 OLD, UNITED KINGDOM
  • Dr. Reddy's Laboratories (EU) Limited: Steanard Lane, Mirfield, West Yorkshire, WF 14, 8HZ, UNITED KINGDOM

Manufacturing sites in the USA

There are two manufacturing facilities of Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd in the United States.

  1. Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Louisiana LLC: 8800 Line Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana 71106. USA, Tel: +1.318.861 8070
  2. Dr. Reddy's Laboratories New York Inc.: 1974 Route 145, P.O. Box 500, Middleburgh, New York 12122. USA, Tel: +1.518.827 7702

3. Divis Laboratories Ltd.

Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 115,64258.28
 P/E Book Value (Rs):  350
Dividend (YIELD):  120.46   

Divis Laboratories Ltd. was founded by Dr. Murali K. Div in 1990, the company deals in the manufacturing of APIs for generic formulations. The company has its headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana but has manufacturing plants across India, Europe, Asia, and the US. The company has a number of about 10000 employees in all plants. 

Divis Laboratory was established in 1990 as a Divis Research Centre, In the years 1991 to 1993 company developed many Active Ingredients as bulk drugs and the API manufactured by Divis was supplied to many pharma formulation companies. In the year 1994, Divis Research Centre was renamed Divis Laboratory Ltd. 

Divis Laboratory Ltd has 6 manufacturing units in India, most of them situated in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states of India. 

It has three Research & Development centers in India. 

Divis Laboratory manufacturing units:

  1. Divis Laboratory Ltd: Choutuppal Unit-1 - Lingojigudem village, Choutuppal Mandal, Dist. Yadadri Bhuvanagiri, Telangana.
  2. DDC SEZ Unit-2 - Lingojigudem village, Choutuppal Mandal, Dist. Yadadri Bhuvanagiri, Telangana
  3. Divis Laboratory Ltd Unit-3 (Export Oriented) - Chippada village, Bheemunipatnam Mandal, Dist. Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
  4. Divi's Pharma SEZ Unit-4 - Chippada village, Bheemunipatnam Mandal, Dist. Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
  5. DSN SEZ Unit-5 - Chippada village, Bheemunipatnam Mandal, Dist.  Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
  6. DCV SEZ Unit-6 - Chippada village, Bheemunipatnam Mandal, Dist. Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

4. Cipla Ltd.

Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 79,01439.01
P/EBook Value (Rs):  197.98
Dividend (YIELD): 0.51

Cipla Limited is a Mumbai-based Indian Pharmaceutical company, deals in OTC and generic medicines segments, the company has a significant share in the Indian Pharmaceutical market. The company was founded by Khawaja Abdul Hamied in 1935 in Mumbai as The Chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories. Later on, the CIPLA name was extracted from its complete name. 

Cipla Ltd is the 3rd largest pharmaceutical company in India, having a product portfolio spanning various therapeutic areas including Respiratory, Anti-infectives, Cardio-metabolic, Gastro, and Urology. Cipla is strong brand equity, product range, and unique dosage forms help them stand out in the fiercely competitive Indian pharmaceutical industry environment.

Cipla USA Inc. is the US subsidiary of Cipla Limited, headquartered in Warren, New Jersey. Over the last few years, Cipla has significantly expanded its portfolio and presence in the world’s largest pharmaceutical market in the US.

Cipla has its presence in all countries of the European region with 4 DTMs in Germany, Norway, Spain, and the UK. 

Cipla has a strong presence in Australia, it is based in Melbourne, Cipla Australia has a vast pipeline of products that are supplied in Australia as well as the US & EU.

The Emerging Markets region for Cipla comprises all markets outside of India, North America, South Africa/ Sub-Saharan Africa, and Europe but includes North Africa and Australia. Cipla has a presence in 52 countries in this region including direct-to-market models in 13 countries.

Cipla Sri Lanka referred to as Breathe Free Lanka Pvt Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Cipla. Over the course of its journey in the country in the last two decades, the company has introduced several novel and important products.

Cipla manufacturing sites:

  1. Cipla Ltd.:  Village Malpur upper p o Bhud, Nalagarh Baddi (formulations m, Solan - India
  2. Cipla Ltd: Virgonagar, Old Madras Road, Bangalore - India
  3. Cipla Ltd: Bommasandra-jigani Link Road, Indl Area Kiadb 4th Phase, Bangalore - India
  4. Cipla Ltd:  Midc (API) And Formulations, Patalganga, Raigad - India
  5. Cipla Ltd: Village Kumrek, (Formulatons Mfg), Rangpoo - India
  6. Cipla Ltd: Verna Industrial Estate, Salcette, Verna - India
  7. Cipla Ltd: Midc Industrial Area, Kurkumbh (Api And Formulations, Pune - India
  8. Cipla Ltd:  Indore S E Z Phase Ii Sector-3, Pharma Zone Pithampur, Dhar - India
  9. Cipla Ltd: Taza Block Amba Tareythang Ill, Rorathang, Sikkim East - India

5. Biocon Ltd.

Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 48,93039.01 
P/EBook Value (Rs):70.86
Dividend (%)                            

Biocon Limited is an Indian biopharmaceutical company that has headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. 

Biocon Ltd is a Bengaluru-based pharmaceuticals company founded by Kiran-Mazumdar-Shaw in 1978 with ₹10,000 (US$140) as the initial capital. Mr. Sidharth Mittal is the current CEO and  Joint Managing Director of the company. The company deals in the manufacturing of generic API for medicine formulation companies. The distribution of manufactured APIs is done in 120 countries. It is the first Indian MNC that is manufacturing Insulins in India and Malaysia. 

The specialty of Biocon Ltd is in diabetic, Cancer, and autoimmune disease medicines. 

Biocon Ltd. Manufacturing Locations in India and abroad;

  1. Insulins- Drug Product facility at Biocon Park, Bengaluru, India.     -USFDA, EMA, COFEPRIS, KFDA approved facility spread over 90 acres,      -APIs based on fermentation, synthetic chemistry, peptides, HPAPIs, and Oral solid formulations
  2. Insulins manufacturing facility at Johor, Malaysia.
  3. State-of-the-art Insulin Devices manufacturing facility at Biocon Park, Bengaluru, India.
  4. Biocon Campus – Biocon Corporate Office, Bengaluru, India.
  5. Insulins – Upstream facility at Biocon Campus, Bengaluru, India
  6. Insulins – Downstream facility at Biocon Campus, Bengaluru, India
  7. Insulin devices manufacturing facility at Biocon Park, Bengaluru, India
  8. Generic formulations manufacturing facility at Biocon Park, Bengaluru, India
  9. Biosimilar mAbs manufacturing facility at Biocon Park, Bengaluru, India – 5
  10. Biocon Biologics: Asia’s largest integrated insulin manufacturing and R&D facility in Malaysia
  11. BIOCON LIMITED, HYDERABAD, -USFDA, EMA, COFEPRIS, TGA approved facility spread over 12 acres  -APIs based out of synthetic chemistry and peptides
  12. BIOCON LIMITED, VISHAKHAPATNAM  -USFDA-approved facility spread over 7 acres -High-potent APIs and advanced intermediates
  13. BIOCON LIMITED, VISHAKHAPATNAM  -Upcoming greenfield facility spread over 50 acres. -APIs based on fermentation and synthetic chemistry.

6. Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.

Market Cap (Rs Cr.):56,67139.01  
P/EBook Value (Rs): 374.25  
Dividend (YIELD): 0.41

Aurobindo Pharma Limited is a Hyderabad-based Indian Pharma Company, The company is among the top ten companies in terms of market cap value. The company markets these products in over 125 countries

It is the marketing partner for MNCs like AstraZeneca and Pfizer Ltd. Aurobindo Pharma was listed on the stock exchange in 1995.  Aurobindo acquires ACTAVIS in the year of 2014. It runs generic operations in Western European countries. 

Aurobindo Pharma Ltd manufacturing plants address:

Corporate Office: Plot No 2 Maitrivihar, Behind Maithri Vanam Ameerpet, Hyderabad - India
Fax - 91-40-23747340, Phone1 - 91-40-23736370,Email - Info@Aurobindo.Com/Investorgrievanc

  1. Aurobindo Pharma Medak Plant:-PT No68-70/73-91/95/96/260/261, Indl Dev Area Patancheru Mandal, Medak - India
  2. Aurobindo Pharma Sangareddy Plant::-SY No 69 70 71&72 Indrakaran, Village Kandi Mandal Sangareddy, Sangareddy - India
  3. Aurobindo Pharma Rangareddy Plant: Survey No 314 Bachupally, Quthbullapur Mandal, Ranga Reddy - India
  4. Aurobindo Pharma Rangareddy Plant-ii: U-iii Aplrc-i Sno 313 & 314, Bachupally Quthbullapur Mandal, Ranga Reddy - India
  5. Aurobindo Pharma Medak Plant-2nd::-379 385 386 388 To 396 & 269, Borpatla Hatnoor Mandal (U-i), Medak - India
  6. Aurobindo Pharma Srikakulam Plant:52-78 2-11 & 29-32 Chittivalas, Pydibhimavaram Ranasthalam Man, Srikakulam - India
  7. Aurobindo Pharma Mahaboobnagar Plant: Plot no-S-5/B S-6&S-7 Survey No, 408to412 418to435 452to459tsii, Mahaboob Nagar - India
  8. Aurobindo Pharma Medak Plant-3rd: Plot No 4 Survey No 151 Plt-34-48, Pashamylaram Patancheru Mandal, Medak
  9. Aurobindo Pharma Vizag Plant::-JN Pharma City, 10 11&19 20 E Bonangi Village, Visakhapatnam - India - India
  10. Aurobindo Pharma Sangareddy Plant-2: -146 150 151 152 153 And 154, Pashamylaram Pattahcneru Reve, Sangareddy -
  11. Aurobindo Pharma Bhiwadi Plant::-no 1128 Riico Phase Iii, Bhiwadi, Alwar - India
  12. Aurobindo Pharma Nellore Plant: :-Plot No 16 Apiic Multi Products, Sy No 3(P) & 6(P) &416(P) Palchur V Nellore - India
  13. Aurobindo Pharma Medak Plant-4th:103/A 104/A Svcie Indl Dev Area, Bollaram Jinnaram Mandal (U-ii) Medak - India.

7.Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 49,45139.01
P/EBook Value (Rs): 344.97
Dividend (YIELD): 1.20                  

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd is formerly known as Trinity Laboratories Ltd, founded by U.N. Mehta in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Torrent Pharma markets its 2000 registered products in over 40 countries globally. 

Torrent Pharma manufacturing plants site in India:

Torrent Pharma manufacturing Facility at Indrad, Gujarat

The plant located at Indrad in Gujarat manufactures both API and Formulations with an annual capacity of 30 million vials. 

Torrent Pharma Manufacturing Facility at Dahej, Gujarat:

This is a big plant in terms of infrastructure and capacity at Dahej Gujarat, Total Land of the plant is about 2,75,726 sq. meters, and the total built-up Area: is 1,04,335 sq. meters (Phase 1).

Manufacturing Plant at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh

Baddi plant is made on focused on Europe, Brazil, and some domestic markets. The total Land of this plant is 95,200 sq. meters, and the total built-up Area: is 28,253 sq. meters.

The capacity of the plant is 4400 Mn tablets capsules per annum. 

Torrent Pharma manufacturing Facility at Sikkim:

Sikkim plant is utilized for Indian market demands, and the Total Land of the site is 26,410 sq. meters, and the built-up Area: is 28,917 sq. meters. The total capacity of the plant is about 5000 Million Tablets per year. 

Torrent Pharma manufacturing Facility at Sikkim-III:

The third unit at Sikkim is totally dedicated to the local market, and it has a relatively small capacity of formulation of about 800 million tablets. The total Land of the manufacturing facility is 16,685 sq. meters, along with a built-up Area: 5,715 sq. meters.

Manufacturing Facility at Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

 Torrent Pharmaceutical’s unit is an API unit a total Area: of 21,159 sq. meters, and a total Total Built-Up Area: of 11,708 sq. meters. The total manufacturing capacity of the plant is 20-25 MT. 

Manufacturing Facility at Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh

 The Pithampur plant in Madhya Pradesh is a totally USFDA-approved plant. This plant is dedicated to dermatology products, The supply from this plant is done domestically and exported also. The total Land of the plant is 52,342 sq. meters, and the built-up Area: is 17,743 sq. meters ( Phase I). The mfg. The capacity of the plant is about 153 million units. 

Torrent Pharma Facility At Levittown Pennsylvania, USA

It is the Torrent Pharma-only facility out of India. In 2018 Torrent Acquired Bio-Pharm, Inc, is a generic pharmaceutical company based in Levittown Pennsylvania, USA. The total Land of the plant is 19,020 sq. meters, and the total built-up Area: 6,503 sq. meters. The capacity of the plant is 120 million tablets and suppositories p.a.

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8. Lupin Ltd.

Market Cap (Rs Cr.):52,70739.01
P/E /SHARE Book Value (Rs):272.68
Dividend (YIELD):0.56       

Lupin Limited is one of the top Pharmaceutical companies in India,  its headquarter is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is the 8th-largest company by market capitalization as of September 2020, and the eighth-largest generic pharmaceutical company by revenue globally.

Lupin manufacturing plants in India

Lupin has 11 manufacturing plants all over India, these include API manufacturing and formulations. The complete details and descriptions are given below:
  1. Lupin at Aurangabad: The Aurangabad plant of Lupin is the first manufacturing plant of the pharma giant. In this plant, production was started in 1979. There are different dosage forms manufactured like tablets, capsules, and liquid orals. 
  2. Lupin at Ankleshwar: This is one of the best manufacturing plants in view of compliance. It is an ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 facility. 
  3. Lupin plant at Mandideep:  Mandideep plant of Lupin manufactures both APIs and all dosage forms for the US and UK markets. In this plant, all Sterile and Non-Sterile pharma products are manufactured. 
  4. Lupin plant at Tarapur: The Tarapur plant started production in 1992. It is dedicated to API production of different synthetic multi-products. It is a state of art fermentation facility. 
  5. Lupin plant at Goa: The Goa plant was started to build in 2003 and completed within a record time of 6 months. In 2004 the plant started production of Lisinopril tablets for the US market. 
  6. Lupin Plant at Jammu: The Jammu plant is situated near Jammu city and started in 2007 when the Jammu Kashmir excise-free zone was declared. 
  7. Lupin at Vadodara: The Vadodara plant has facilities for APIs and dosage forms of medicines for export and domestic sale.
  8. Lupin at Indore (Pithampur): The Indore plant is the largest formulation facility of the company situated at SEZ. It is situated 30 km away from Indore city.  
  9. Lupin at Nagpur (MS): It is the latest manufacturing facility of Lupin situated at SEZ Nagpur, Maharashtra.
  10. Lupin at Visakhapatnam: The Visakhapatnam plant is situated in Plot No.130, Road No.11, J.N.Pharma City, Parawada (M), Visakhapatnam, Andhra
  11.  Lupin plant at Sikkim: The Sikkim plant of the company is situated at 4th Mile, Bhasmey, Karmarey-Bhasmey Block, Duga Iilaka, East Sikkim, Sikkim- 737132 India.

9. Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

Market Cap (Rs Cr.):65,58639.01
P/E/SHARE Book Value (Rs): 145.83 
Dividend (YIELD): 0.55

Cadila Healthcare Limited (also known as Zydus Cadila) is an Indian pharmaceutical company headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, It is a manufacturer of generic drugs. Cadila group has many manufacturing sites and R&D centers which are spread across states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, and Sikkim in India and in the US and Brazil.

Cadila Manufacturing site in India:

 Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd:
  1. Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd Ahmedabad: Sarkhej-Dholka Road, Bhat, Ahmedabad, India, 382210, Ph +91 2718 225039, +91 2718 225001
  2. Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd Dholka Plant: Survey No. 1389, Trasad Road, Dholka, Ahmedabad, India, 382225, Ph +91 2714 220315, +91 2714 221481
  3. Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd Jammu Plant: IGC, Phase-1, SIDCO, Samba, Jammu, J&K, 184121, Ph +91 01923 246981.
  4. Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd  Ankleshwar API: 294, GIDC Estate, Ankleshwar, India, 393002, Ph +91 2646 250051, +91 2646 223846

Cadila Healthcare Locations:

  1. Cadila Healthcare Sanand: Formulation Unit: Survey No. 417, 419 & 420, Sarkhej Bavla N. H. No. 8A, Village - Moraiya, Taluka - Sanand, Ahmedabad District
  2. Cadila Healthcare Sarkhej: Survey No. 396 / 403, Sarkhej Bavla N. H. No. 8A, Moraiya, Ahmedabad Gujarat - India
  3. Cadila HealthcareAnkleshwar: API Unit: GIDC Estate, Ankleshwar Gujarat - India
  4. Cadila Healthcare Sarkhej-Bawla: API Unit: Block No. 265/266, Village: Changodar, Sarkhej-Bavla N.H. No. 8A, Ahmedabad, Gujarat - India
  5. Cadila Healthcare Goa: Formulation Unit: Plot No. 203-213, Kundaim Industrial Estate, Ponda - 403401, Goa - India
  6. Cadila Healthcare Vatwa: Diagnostic & re-agents manufacturing plant Shed No.A/1-3707, GIDC Estate, Vatwa, Ahmedabad - 382445, Gujarat -India.
  7. Animal Health Unit: Plot No. F-1/1, Sector 6B, IIE SIIDCUL, Haridwar - 410220, Uttarakhand/Uttaranchal - India
  8. Cadila Healthcare Vadodara: API Unit: Dabhasa, Taluka - Padra, Vadodra District - 391440, Gujarat - India
  9. Cadila Healthcare Baddi: Formulation Unit: Village - Swaraj Majra, Baddi, Solan District - Himachal Pradesh - India
  10. Cadila Healthcare Taluka-Padra: API Unit: Block No 162, Ekalbara Umraya Road, Village - Dabhasa, Taluka Padra, Vadodara District - Gujarat - India
  11. Cadila Healthcare Ahmedabad: Formulation Unit: Plot No. 254-255, Sarkhej-Bavla N. H. No. 8A, Village: Changodar, Taluka - Sanand, Ahmedabad District - Gujarat - India
  12. Cadila Healthcare Changodar: Biologics Unit: Survey No. 40P, 23, 25P, 42, 37, Opp. Ramdev Masala, Sarkhej-Bavla N.H.No. 8A, Changodar, Ahmedabad District - Gujarat - India
  13. Cadila Healthcare Taluka-Sanand: Formulation Unit: Plot No. 1, 1A, 1B & 2, PHARMEZ, (Special Economic Zone), Matoda, Sarkhej-Bavla N. H. 8A, Taluka - Sanand, Ahmedabad District - Gujarat - India
  14. Cadila Healthcare Waghodia: Formulation Unit: Survey No. 434/6/B and 434/1/K, Village Jarol, Taluka: Waghodia, Vadodara - Gujarat - India

10. Abbott India Ltd.

Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 35,140  P/E Book Value (Rs):39.01 
Dividend (YIELD):  1.66    

Abbott India Limited has its headquartered in Mumbai, it is a publicly listed company and a subsidiary of Abbott Laboratories (US), The company offers high-quality and trusted medicines in many therapeutic categories such as women's health, gastroenterology, cardiology, metabolic disorders, and primary care. Abbott is one of the fastest-growing in pharma top 10 companies in India.

Export of Pharmaceutical products: 

India is the biggest exporter of generic medicines in the world. In 2006-07 it was about US$ 6.23 billion, while in 2008-09  it increased to US$ 8.7 billion with an annual growth of 21.25%. In 2014 India's exports of pharmaceutical products reached US$ 11.7 billion and US$ 17.27 in 2017-18.


The report on pharma top 10 companies in India concluded the fact that the Indian Drug and Pharma industry is known as the biggest generic medicine manufacturer in terms of production. This industry is fulfilling more than 20% of the global demand for cost-effective medicines. India has more than 3000 bulk drug manufacturing plants along with 11000 formulation units all over India.

A report published by the Indian Brand Foundation (IBEF) the size of the pharmaceutical industry in India is $ 27.57 billion (2016), the rate of growth is 15.92% CAGR, with this growth rate it will be $55 billion by 2020.


Q-Which is the No. 1 pharma company in India?
ANS-Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited is the No. 1 Pharma company in India. It is the biggest Pharma company in terms of market cap value of Rs. 121,598.30 Crore in 2020  It is the biggest generic manufacturer in India. Sun Pharma is also the biggest Indian multinational overseas company.
Q-Which pharma company is at the top in India?
ANS-According to the market cap 2020, these are the top 5 Pharma companies in India.
1. Sun Pharmaceuticals 
2. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory Ltd.
3. Divis Laboratory Ltd.
4. Cipla Ltd. 
5. Biocon Ltd.

Q-What are the top 20 pharma companies? 
ANS-According to the moneycontrol website the position of Pharma companies in India as per the Market Cap value on 06 August 2020.
Sr. No.  Company         Market Value (in Crore Rs.)
 1.     Sun Pharma           100448.16
2.      Divis Labs               42820.08
3.      Dr. Reddy’s Lab       42559.20
4.       Cipla Ltd                40278.28
5.       Piramal Enterprises. 34,147.09
6       Lupin Ltd                34001.85
7.     Aurobindo Pharma 32,954.82
8.      Torrent Pharma     28,294.04
9.      Biocon Ltd                27,120.00
10.    Cadila                       23,161.84
11.    GlaxoSmithKline      20,480.34
12.      Alkem Lab              19,958.99
13.       Abbott India         17,849.09
14.       Sanofi India         13,905.54
15.       Pfizer                     13,523.03
16.       Ipca Labs               11,952.91
17.      Glenmark Healthcare 11,742.43
18.      Natco Pharma        10,039.63
19.      Alembic Pharma     9,718.0
20.      Dr Lal Pathlab         9,063.40


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