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 Third-Party Manufacturing / Contract Manufacturing Process

third party manufacturing

 If you are looking for manufacturing your products from a Third-party manufacturing process then you are at the right place right now. We make third party manufacturing process so easy and so simple a new businessman can easily procure his inventory.  The whole process has some steps to follow to accomplish a third-party manufacturing service.  This journey starts with signing an agreement between a marketing company and us, rates, and other terms and conditions are decided while agreement. The total time required to deliver a finished product to the marketing company is illustrated below:

Designing of product requires about 4-6 days

Packaging materials procurement like foils, cartons, labels which takes 10-20 days

Production and analysis time. 10-15 days

The time required in Transportation. 2-7 days.

The total time required to complete is 35-40 days approximately. In case of repeat orders 25-30 days.

Quality of Products

The main and ultimate goal of a marketer is to get quality products from a manufacturing company. The quality of the product is ensured with many quality and QA check-up before manufacturing, in-process manufacturing, and after the finished product’s final quality testing.

To maintain the quality we begin the quality check-up from the Raw materials testings which are intended to use in manufacturing the final products, all raw materials and excipients are tested thoroughly to do negligible chances of quality issues. Raw materials are tested according to standard pharmacopeia and In house standards.

During the manufacturing process between testing is done to ensure proper drug release (Dissolution) Disintegration test and uniformity of content present in the whole batch.  

After completion of the manufacturing process of a product, final testing is done before releasing its sale in the market properly. All parameters are followed up to meet up every aspect of quality accordingly to standard pharmacopeia IP/BP/USP.


GST @ 12% on drug products

GST @ 18% on Nutraceuticals products

TRANSPORTATION: The transport charges will be borne by the consignee, the goods will be booked on a TO PAY basis.

Minimum Batch Sizes

The minimum batch size is variable as per the category of products, for example, Non-Beta-lactam tablet and capsules items- the minimum Batch size is 50,000 tablets., For Beta-Lactam tablets and capsules it may be 300 boxes for costly items like Cefpodoxime 200 mg tablets and Cefuroxime 500 tablets it may be considered up to 200 boxes.

In the case of Liquids, it will be a minimum of 3000 bottles for 60 ml and cough syrups 100 ml, a minimum of 2000 bottles are for 200 ml tonics, Ointments and creams will be a minimum of 5000 tubes.

In the case of Liquid injections, the minimum batch size will be 5000 units, for Dry injections minimum batch size is 3000 units.

Delivery time schedule:

The order of tablets and capsules is usually supplied within 40 days, repeat orders are provided in 30 days.

For liquid orals and dry injectables, the order can be supplied within 35 days

Ointments and creams are also supplied in 40 days.


The payment schedule will be 30% at the time of placing an order, and the rest of the amount will be at the time of performa when goods are ready to dispatch.

Laafon Galaxy Pharmaceuticals provide a third-party manufacturing facility for reputed pharmaceutical players. We try to make the outsourcing activity easy & flexible for our partners in the pharmaceutical industry. We deal in various categories of medicines and have more than 2000 different approved compositions of  Tablets (Non-Beta), Tablet (Beta), Capsules (Both), Liquid Orals, Injectables (Dry & Liquid small volume),  Dry syrups, Ointments, Protein Powders, Nutraceuticals range, and Ayurvedic segment including ointment and facewash.

Laafon Galaxy Pharmaceuticals have manufacturing facilities at Baddi (HP) and Roorkee(UK) and has the capacity of a large-scale of production of all categories of medicines. We have  WHO-GMP compliance in manufacturing facilities. Manufacture all kinds of pharmaceutical products like Tablets (Non-Beta), Tablet (Beta), Capsules (Both), Liquid Orals, Injectables (Dry & Liquid small volume),  Dry syrups, Ointments, Protein Powders, Nutraceuticals range, and Ayurvedic segment including ointment and facewash. We are associated with hundreds of reputed pharmaceutical Companies, to them providing third-party manufacturing services. If you are looking best third-party manufacturing services in India, you are welcome. Contact us at 9812446733, or leave a query at for more details.

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