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 Laafon Galaxy Pharmaceuticals is a leading PCD Pharma company in Karnal, Haryana, that provides pharma-PCD franchise rights for all over India. We are WHO-GMP compliance and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We are providing our PCD Pharma franchisee services all over India, and our intention is to contribute to the welfare of society. Our manufacturing facilities are in Himachal Pradesh. Our Nutraceutical manufacturing facility is situated in Saha, Industrial Area, Dist. Ambala, Haryana.

We have engaged in the marketing of our products to cover the whole India level Market. We are in trying consistently to spread Laafon Galaxy’s presence across India, so we provide Monopoly distribution rights district-wise. Anyone can apply for a Monopoly distribution of our products, he can visit our website and request a phone call on a quick inquiry form.

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About Laafon Galaxy

In a short span of time, Laafon Galaxy Pharmaceuticals became a leading pharma company because of our result-oriented products and fast services. We offer a wide range of pharmaceutical products in India. The USP of Laafon Galaxy is to deliver quality products at competitive prices in time-bound service.

We welcome you to Laafon Galaxy Pharmaceuticals as a business partner, join our PCD franchise chain and grow your business with us.

Pharma franchise opportunities in India!

As the pharma franchise business for complete business rights to the individual companies, the soul of business is to provide penetration-proof business opportunities to our business partner. Our partner uses that brand to sell products. The franchise can be of different types and different modes.

The authorization granted by us to an individual or group or distributor that allows them to carry out pharmaceutical company’s proprietary knowledge, products right or other mutually agreed terms and conditions for a specific area sale, distribution, doctor’s promotion authorization/appointment of distributors, etc for company products or services. It is known as PCD Pharma franchise marketing.

We are offering a wide range of products in therapeutic segments like Antibiotics ( Beta Lactan and Non-Beat lactam), Anticold, Antipyretics, Analgesics, Antiallergic, Appetite stimulant, and Nutraceutical and Food Supplements, Ayurvedic liver tonics, and Ointments.

Our division contains all fast-moving items, currently used antibiotics, cough syrups, dry syrups, Injectables dry and liquid, Cream and pain gels, Joint pain oils, Liver tonic with enzymes, Gynaec tonic. Analgesic for children 60 ml suspensions, Multivitamin syrups with lots of different compositions.

Available Areas for PCD

However, we have covered the sale in the big areas in India. Some remote and un-presented areas are still available for PCD franchise rights.

We need PCD business partners from Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh Odissa, and West Bengal.

We are continuously expanding our franchise network and hence offering Monopoly distribution opportunities to Pharmaceutical professionals and small businesses who had the experience. Medical Representative, Area Sales Manager & Pharma Distributors are most welcome to join Laafon Galaxy.

Benefits of Joining Laafon Galaxy

High Margin: Earn a high profit than your usual marketing representative job. Franchise business is more profitable along with other benefits.

Start Your Own Business:  If you have experience in the sale of pharma products you can easily set up your own business by joining us as a PCD franchise of Laafon Galaxy.

Launch your Own products: If you start with us as a PCD franchise after setting a sale of products, you can launch your products in the future when a certain sale is established. Starting with your own products may harm your financial situation.

Available Categories to serve by the Company for Pharma Franchise in India:

We provide every category in the pharmaceutical industry, you can also procure products from our sister concern divisions.

Cardiovascular range

Diabetic Range

Derma Range

Ayurvedic Range

Nutraceutical Range

Herbal Range

Gynae Range

Neuro Range

Ortho Range

Pediatric Range

Dental Range

What is PCD Business?

Pharma PCD refers to the Propaganda Cum distributorship business. In the modern-day, this business is the most popular and emerging model of pharmaceutical marketing. The rise of this model was started in the decade 2000, due to small capital requirements this business became popular day by day. This business allows every Medical Representative to be his own boss with a very tiny investment.  This model of business is a model of freedom from 9 to 5 jobs. In this model of business, an individual can work on their choices free from sale targets. Sale targets are a very big burden on a medical representative. You are most welcome at Laafon Galaxy Pharmaceuticals to join our PCD franchise for your district or state, work in your schedules, and within your targets. No boss will commend you on every time.

Procedure to get Wholesale Drug License to get a franchise of a company?

In the era of the digital world, you can get Drug Licence very easily with online procedures prescribed by the state FDA department. States like Haryana and Maharashtra started this procedure online, first of all, now every major Indian State’s FDA has started an online procedure for Drug Licence. You can follow the below-listed procedure:

i) Selection of a minimum of 110 sq. ft area shop.

ii) Arrange a pharmacist or Competent person.

iii) Prepare affidavits and qualification documents of partner/director/proprietor.

iv) Make partnership deeds or Proprietary documents.

v) Deposit Drug Lic. fee 3000 in the account.

vi) Make the site plan/Map of the shop

vii) Upload all documents on FDA site with Form 19

viii) Get inspected your premises by Drug Inspector

ix) Your drug Licence will generate within a week after the inspection

Top benefits offered to the companies in PCD model: 

There are lots of benefits in the Pharma PCD franchise model of business, some of them are listed here:

Start with a small capital:

Pharma PCD franchise model of business can be started with a very small capital, you can start this business within 50000 of tiny investment. 

High Margin Business:

Pharma PCD franchise model of business is among the those which can result in a high margin on sale, you can easily earn about 30% to 40 % of margin. Monopoly Rights for the district: Pharma PCD franchise model of business also provides you a monopoly of the sale of those specific products in particular districts or areas where nobody other than you can sell those products in that area, which gives you bargaining power.

No expiry loss:

In this model of business, you will remain free from the expiry of goods which is a significant factor in this industry, you can purchase a minimum quantity of products that will be sold immediately, and no chances of expiry of goods. 

No Promotion Cost:

You need not spend on promoting products because all promotional materials are provided by the company.

Stats of PCD Pharma Market in India

Pharma PCD franchise model of businesses growing at a very high pace in India, some new players are entering every year in this business, some interesting figures are listed below:

1. Pharmaceutical industry size was valued at US$33 billion in 2017, however, it is a mere 2.5% of the world’s Pharmaceutical Industry. Indian Pharma Industry is growing at a rate of 15% CAGR every year, It will crossUS$55 billion in the current year 2020.

2. India is the biggest supplier of generic medicines to the world, India fulfills the US demand for generic medicines about 30% of US total demand supplied by India alone. Same in the UK India supply about 25% of the total requirement of the country.

What Makes You to Choose the Right PCD Pharma Company for Business?

Selection of Pharma PCD franchise company is a tough job, you need to review many aspects before finalizing the company. 

A) The reputation of products in the market is the primary thing to analyze before selecting a company

B) Number of products and a complete range to sell in the market is another essential condition.

C) The company should have fair policies about monopoly rights that should be un-penetrable.

D) Legel documents of the company to verify, like DL, GSTIN, and many more.

E) The manufacturing of products should be from a GMP-certified company.

F) Dispatch of goods should be time-bound written in the agreement.

Why Laafon Galaxy for PCD Pharma in India?

The product quality and competitive rates for products is the main reason for choosing Laafon Galaxy Pharmaceuticals for PCD medicine franchise companies in India. Some more significant factors are:

i) All products supplied by our company are of ethical quality.

ii) A wide range of products is available in the division.

iii) A time-bound and same-day dispatch of products is ensured with every purchase order.

Therefore, Laafon Galaxy Pharmaceuticals can be proven the best choice to get the PCD franchise of a company. We are fully committed to providing full proof of monopoly rights to individuals to sell products with full confidence without fear of illegal entry from someone else.

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