SOP for calibration of Lab Thermometers

Thermometers are a very crucial instrument in the pharmaceutical lab. The output results obtained from the thermometers can impact highly on the whole analysis process done in the lab. To meet the best result a proper SOP for calibration of Lab thermometers is introduced by the Quality assurance department. In this article, I tried to cover the all parameters of calibration of lab thermometers.

SOP for calibration of Lab Thermometers:

1.           Objective: To lay down a procedure for Calibration of Lab Thermometers

2.           Scope: The procedure of this SOP shall be applicable to the Q.C. Department of ABC Pharmaceuticals

3.           Responsibility: Quality Control Chemist

4.           Accountability: Quality Control Manager

5. Abbreviations :             

S.O.P.:    Standard Operating Procedure

QC:    Quality Control

QA:    Quality Assurance

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  6. Procedure of calibration of Lab Thermometers: 

  • Allow the test thermometers to stand at room temperature for 72 hours.
    • Place an appropriate amount of oil in a beaker.
    • Place the thermometer to be tested in the oil to the depth of the indicated immersion line.
    • Place the standard thermometer (Calibrated Thermometer) in the oil to the same depth as the thermometer under test.
    • Place the beaker containing oil on a hot place (magnetic), heat slowly to the desired temperature.
    • Read simultaneously the temperature of both the thermometers.
    • Record readings of both thermometers at various temperatures, for each thermometer to include the temperature at which the thermometer is most frequently utilized.
    • Readings should be repeated at least twice and recorded.

Time Interval for Calibration:

Thermometers shall be calibrated at least twice a year and all new thermometers shall be calibrated before use.

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