Oz tablet


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Oz Tablet (Folflox-oz)

Oz Tablet contains ofloxacin 200 mg and ornidazole 500mg, blister pack 10*10 dripoff box.

Folflox-Oz Tablet Uses

Oflox oz Tablet is widely used to treat infections created by bacterias requiring and not requiring oxygen for growth. These infections include diarrhea, a stomach infection, disorders of the female reproductive system, and pelvic infections. It is also used to treat foot ulcers especially in patients with diabetes, lung infection, and patients with a weak immune system. This medicine works by killing bacterias that cause infections. Also, ornidazole blocks protozoal growth and Ofloxacin alone prevents bacterial DNA replication

Folflox-oz Dosage

The usual dose of Ofloxacin & Ornidazole for adults is one day of Ofloxacin Ornidazole twice daily.
Ofloxacin Ornidazole should be consumed only directed by the Doctor.

What is the use of OZ tablet?

Ofloxacin and Ornidazole tablets are used in various diseases. This combination is very highly effective against bacterial infections particularly in stomach infections, tooth infections, and urinary infections. It is potent to treat gynecological infections and lung infections. 


What is Oflox oz used for?

Ofloxacin is a category class of drugs quinolone antibiotics. It stops the bacterial growth in the body and the wounds. It becomes more potent when combined with Ornidazole and its efficacy also increases. This combination is very effective in the loose motion stage. It helps to stop the loose motion by acting against the bacterias which are responsible for loose motion.


Ofloxacin and ornidazole tablet

Ofloxacin and ornidazole tablets are very important drugs to treat stomach infections in the conditions of diarrhea. This medication is also very helpful in dysentery.


Alternative of Omidazole:

Omidazole is a similar category drug that is ornidazole, this drug has drug pros over ornidazole. There is almost every dosage form made of imidazole but largely it is used in the formulation of cream, ointment, and solution

Alcohol should be avoided

Patients should avoid taking alcohol on the day consuming the Ofloxacin Ornidazole tablet or any dosage form.

Short Description

Brand Name: FOLFLOX-OZ

Dosage Form: Tablets

Composition: Ofloxacin 200 mg & Omidazole 500 mg Tablets

Packing: 10*10 Blister


Also Available:

Folflox-M: Ofloxacin 50 mg and Metronidazole 125mg.


Floflox-200: Ofloxacin Tablets IP 200mg



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