Livtips syrup

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Brand Name: LIVTIPS

Dosage Form: Ayurvedic Liver Tonic

Composition: Punamava 250 mg, Yeshi Madhu 100 mg, Sonth 250 mg, Makoy 250 mg, Sarpunkha 250 mg, Pippal 100 mg, Daru Haldi 250 mg, Kashni 250 mg, Bhule Amla 250 mg, Bhringraj 100 mg, Vayvidang 100 mg / 10 ml

Packing: 200 ml in elegant dripoff carton.

MRP: Rs. 119/-

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Livtips syrup

Livtips syrup is a herbal liver tonic that contains all herb beneficial for the liver and digestion system. It helps in appetite problems and improves it.

This contains Punarnava, Yesthi Madhu, Saunth, Makoy, Sarpunkha, Daru Haldi, Kashni, Bhule Amla, Bhringraj and Vayvidang like herbs.

Liver Tonic Uses

Livtips liver tonic syrup is used in a lack of appetite, liver infections, jaundice, and other liver infections like hepatitis disease.

It is also used in enlarged & sluggish liver. It also helps in alcoholic liver disease, other liver disorders like heartburn problems, etc.

Livtips liver tonic Indications:

Livtips have used in the following indications Jaundice, Enlarged & Sluggish Live, Alcoholic Liver disease loss of appetite. Liver Infections


Take 15 ml (One tablespoonful) twice a day after meal, or consult your practitioner before for the exact dose for your body.


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