Foncef-500 Inj

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Foncef-500 Inj

Ceftriaxone Injection 500mg  is a Cephalosporin group antibiotic used in several bacterial infections in children. This is the most prominent Antibiotics administered IM/IV in Typhoid infections, post-surgery infection, and many skin infections.

Ceftriaxone for Injection Uses

Ceftriaxone is a Cephalosporin group antibiotic which is known as a safe antibiotic. It is used in a number of types of infections including Typhoid, fever, stomach infections, wound infections, skin infections, pre and post-surgery infections. These medicines have more uses rather than listed according to the patient’s conditions. This medication is also used in combination with Sulbactam Sodium and Tazobactam in Antibiotic resistance situation. It is also used in skin and skin structure infections, surgical prophylaxis, and lower respiratory tract infections.

Side effects of Ceftriaxone

Ceftriaxone is known for a well-tolerated but significantly more than 1% of patients found some adverse effects. Common side effects of Ceftriaxone are Eosinophilia, Diarrhea, Thrombocytosis, Elevations in liver enzymes, and Rash. There may be some side effects if the dose of Ceftriaxone is exceeded from the required one, in that case, immediate doctor’s advice is recommended.

Drug Interactions

Ceftriaxone Sodium found drug interactions with many drugs including Amoxicillin, Amoxicillin/clavulanate, Azithromycin, Ciprofloxacin, Enoxaparin, Albuterol / Ipratropium, glucose, Doxycycline, and Metronidazole.


The patients who have allergy with Ceftriaxone and who are penicillin-sensitive, should not given Ceftriaxone Injections, This medication should not be used in premature hyperbilirubinemia neonates, because it can potentially cause bilirubin encephalopathy.

 Dosage :

The dosage of Ceftriaxone is started with 250mg per dose and up to 2gm per dose, Foncef-500mg is a Paediatric use dose, so it should be decided as per the age, weight, and type of infections to the patient.

Short Description

Brand Name: FONCEF-500

Dosage Form: Injectable (Ceftriaxone Injection 500mg)

Composition: Ceftriaxone Sodium 500 mg Inj.

Packing: 500 mg/ 10 ML Vial

MRP: Rs. 45.00


Also Available ;

Foncef- SB-1.5g  (Ceftriaxone 1gm+Sulbactam500mg)

Foncef- 1g  (Ceftriaxone 1gm)

Foncef- 250  (Ceftriaxone 250mg)


FONCEF-TZ : (Ceftriaxone 1 gm and Tazobactam Sodium 125 mg)


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