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Levosalbutamol Syrup:

Levosalbutamol/Levalbuterol, Ambroxol Hydrochloride & Guaiphenesin Syrup is used to treat asthma disease and cough related to asthma. Sometimes simple bronchodilator does not work in cough symptoms then this combination works better in such cough. The patients who do smoking regularly such patients feel a problem while breathing while cough. Levosalbutamol syrup is very effective in such conditions.

levosalbutamol sulphate ambroxol hydrochloride and guaiphenesin syrup:

Cozicof-LS syrup is a levosalbutamol sulphate ambroxol hydrochloride and guaiphenesin syrup which is a potent cough syrup in asthmatic patients and old age patients. It contains Levosalbutamol 1mg which is very effective in patients who feel breathing halts during cough, Ambroxol 30 mg present in the syrup dilute the mucus or phlegm which block the airways of breathing.  Guaiphenesin is a bronchodilator that allows breath smoothly and keeps the airways smooth.

Levosalbutamol Ambroxol Hydrochloride guaiphenesin syrup uses

Cozicof-LS Syrup (Levosalbutamol, Ambroxol & Guaiphenesin Syrup) is used for the treatment of cough and conditions like chest congestion, sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, respiratory problems, and the common cold. It is also used to provide relief to patients suffering from lung inflammation, thickened mucus cough, etc.

This combination also relieves cough with mucus, ambroxol present in this loosens mucus (phlegm) and relieves cough symptoms. Ambroxol Hydrochloride promotes mucus clearance and starts expectoration which brings down the productive cough.

Levosalbutamol is a bronchodilator that is best in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It relaxes the muscles in bronchial tubes which tend to reverse the attack of asthma breathing difficulty. Ambroxol also helps to allow patients to breathe freely and deeply.

Guaiphenesin present in this combination works as bring cough out phlegm from the airways which allow breathing to enter freely. However, this medication is recommended for children below 6 years of age. Guaiphenesin increases the efficiency of the cough reflex and facilitates the removal of the secretions.

Side effects:

This combination of Levosalbutamol, Ambroxol & Guaiphenesin has counted a safe medication but it may have some side effects in some health compromised patients, like elevated heart rate, muscle cramps, and gastric upset. Overdose may turn to seizure, chest pain, in very rare cases it may lead to paradoxical bronchospasm.


There are some popular brand names of Levosalbutamol, Ambroxol, and Guaiphenesin syrups are below:-

  • Ambrodil-LX
  • Bro-Zedex-LX
  • Asthalin-AX
  • Chericof-LS
  • Macbery-Junior
  • Brozeet-LS
  • Kufril-LS
  • Ascoril-LS

Short Description

Brand Name: Cozicof-LS

Dosage Form: Liquid Oral/ Syrup

Composition: Levosalbutamol 1 mg , Ambroxol Hydrochloride 30 mg & Guaiphenesin 50mg./ 5 ml

Packing: 100 ml with box

MRP: Rs. 85.00

Also Available;

FTOX-AM : (Ambroxol Hcl 15 mg+Terbutaline Sulphate 1.25mg.+Guaiphenesin 50mg.+menthol 2.5mg./5 ml)

FTOX-DX : (Dextromethorphan Hbr 10mg.+CPM 2mg.+Phenylephrine HCL 5mg. sorbitol (70%)



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