Arthor Injection

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Arthor Injection

Arthor injection contains α, β-Arteether which is an ethyl ether derivative of artemisinin. Alfa beta arteether is an efficient schizontocidal drug in falciparum malaria. Alfa beta arteether injection is far efficient than quinine in malaria.

Arthor Inj. (Alpha-beta arteether) uses

Alpha-Beta Arteether is used in the treatment of malaria. In severe conditions it is not effective when malaria has affected the brain, lungs, or kidneys.

α, β-Arteether is used for the treatment of complicated falciparum malaria.

How Arthor Inj. works

Arthor is an antiparasitic medication. It works by producing antiparasitic chemicals (free radicals) within the malarial parasite So that they killed by arthor inj.
There are not found Drug toxicity or significant side effects in any patient.

What is Alpha Beta Arteether?

Definition– AlphabetaArteether is an ethyl ether derivative of artemisinin which is an efficient schizontocidal drug in mild falciparum malaria.


Short Description


Artemether injection dosage-Usually 75 mg/150mg


Dosage Form– INJECTION


Each 2 ml contains

Arteether IP 150 mg

Packing -3×2 ml (Ampoules)


Also available

Laadic Inj. (Diclofenac 75 mg/ml)


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