Pet Saffa uses and price!

If you are suffering from chronic constipation, gastric problem, and acidity, then Pet Saffa granules may be an option for you. Pet Saffa is a natural laxative granules herbal product. It is helpful in constipation, heartburn, and acidity. There are lots of Pet Saffa uses in stomach health.


Pet Saffa health benefits and uses:


  • Pet Saffa is a medium effective laxative granule. It is a very popular herbal product in old age and stomach disorder patients.
  • Pet Saffa is very useful in acute constipation treatment if you have constipation for years. 
  • Pet Saffa churna protects you from several stomach diseases and disorders. 
  • It regulates the evacuation of the bowel, thus prevent many abdominal diseases. 
  • Constipation and other stomach disease include piles, hard stool, create fissures, and create distress associated with having bowel movements. Pet Saffa prevents them.

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Pet Saffa ingredients:


IngredientsEach 100 grams contains(%)
Senna leaves – Cassia angustifolia35 %
Black Salt (Kala Namak)12 %
Ajwain –  (Carom Seeds) Trachyspermum Ammi10 %
Isabgol – Plantago Ovata8 %
Triphala (Amla, Bahera, Harar)9 %
Sendha Namak – Rock Salt5 %
Svarjiksara – Sodium Bicarbonate3 %
Haritaki – Terminalia chebula3 %
Amaltas – Cassia Fistula3 %
Saunf (Fennel Seeds) – Foeniculum Vulgare3 %
Sonth (Ginger Rhizome) – Zingiber Officinale3 %
Nishoth (Trivrit or Turpeth) – Operculina Turpethum2.8 %
Jeera (Cumin Seeds) – Cuminum Cyminum2 %
Castor Oil – Ricinus Communis Oil1 %
Sodium Methylparaben (As preservative)q.s.
Sodium Propylparaben (As preservative)q.s.

Pet Saffa vs Kayam Churna:


Pet Saffa is best alternative of Kayam Churna. Both products contain some similar ingredients, like Senna, etc. 

Kayam Churan was an established brand of this segment.  Pet Saffa shook the market of Kayam Churna. Pet Saffa adopted an aggressive way of advertising to grab the market, supported by the results of the product. Pet Saffa made space in the market in a very small time period.

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Role of herbs in Pet Saffa

 Senna-Cassia angustifolia:-

Senna is a laxative stimulant medicine. It increases the activity of the intestine and starts the bowel movement. It is used to treat constipation problems. However, long term use of Senna is not recommended. Surgeons use it to empty the bowel before surgery.


 Ajwain is known as Carom Seed in English. Ajwain has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It keeps the stomach free from any such infection. It also prevents to development of any peptic ulcer in the stomach and improves indigestion.

Triphala: –

Pet Saffa contains about 9% of Triphala in its composition. Triphala is a mixture of three herbs, Amla, Bahera, and Harar. It is a very prominent preparation for stomach and constipation related disease.

Pet Saffa improves the digestion system and removes acidity and gas problems. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It advised it should not use with diabetes medicines because it reduces their efficacy.

Swarajikara(Sodium Bicarbonate):-

 Swarajikara is a chemical compound used as a base and ingredient. It has antacid properties. Sodium bicarbonate is very useful in heartburn and indigestion. It is used for constipation and gas formation situations.

Saunf: –

 Saunf is known as Fennel Seed. It is a very prominent digestive agent. Saunf is also very helpful in improving body metabolism. After meal people prefer to eat some amount of saunf for better digestion of food.

Yashtimadhu: –

 Licorice is called Yashtimadhu in Hindi, It has several health benefits according to Ayurveda. It is a very effective herb for the respiratory system as well as the digestion system of the body. It also prevents Ulcer, acidity, and bronchial conditions.  

Pet Saffa Manufacturers?

Pet Saffa is a product of Dr. Juneja the founder of Keshking  Hair Oil, and the chairman of SBS Biotech a famous pharmaceutical company of Kala Amb, Himachal Pradesh. Pet Saffa is manufactured in Divisa Herbals at Kala Amb.

Pet Saffa Tablet?

Pet Saffa is the tablet dosage form of Pet Saffa Granules. It is developed for better oral administration. The composition of granules and tablets is almost similar. The major reason behind the launch of the Pet Saffa tablet is to provide competition to the Zandu Nityam Tablet which is an established brand in this segment. Pet Saffa tablet is available in a yellow color plastic jar.

Price of Pet Saffa churna?  

The price of Pet Saffa churna MRP is Rs. 284 for 2 packs of 200 gm. on some e-commerce websites, it is available with some discounts. The product is sold on Amazon, Flipcart, and 1mg type online portals.

Safety and Precautions:

Pet Saffa granule is found safe in a normal person. But it is not recommended for pregnant women. It can cause uterine contractions.

Breastfeeder women can use it because it does not affect breastfeeding babies. Usually, it does not show any side effects in children.


Is Pet Saffa good for health?

Pet Saffa is a herbal formulation granules powder. It is widely used for constipation problems. It is very effective in moderate constipation. It enhances the movement of the bowel thus allowing the stomach to be cleaned better. It also improves the digestion system, with so many benefits a product would mark good for health undoubtedly. Pet Saffa uses broad for long term health like prevention of piles and hammerheads.

Can I use Pet Saffa everyday?

Pet Saffa contains Senna herb 35% of its whole content, which is a laxative stimulant that is good for constipation. If you have no chronic constipation you should not take it daily, leave a day between, use it on alternate days. Unnecessary use of any herbal or allopathic compound reduces the responsive power of the body towards these items. 

Is Pet Saffa ayurvedic Product?

Pet Saffa is a pure ayurvedic product manufactured by Divisa Herbal that is situated at Kala Amb, Himachal Pradesh. In the formulation of Pet Saffa, no chemical compound is used. It is supposed that Pet Saffa is developed under proper R&D norms. 

Is Pet Saffa a habit forming ?

Pet Saffa is ayurvedic preparation and does not contain any ingredient which is supposed to be habit forming. It is a safe medicine and does not have any side effects. Senna can cause cramp, stomach discomfort if long term used. 

What is the difference between Pet Saffa and Triphala?

A- Pet Saffa contains about 10 herbs in its composition. Triphala contains three natural herbs Amla, Bahera, and Harar. While the Pet Saffa contains about 10 different herbs including Triphala, but the proposition of Triphala is different in both formulations. Triphala is ancient Indian classical ayurvedic preparation made according to classical Vedic scriptures. Otherhand, Pet  Saffa is a modern-day developed product developed under proper R&D. Triphala also provides relief to the liver, and kidney by balancing Kaff’, Vat’, and Pitaa’ of the body.

Is Pet Saffa is better than lactulose solution?

Pet Saffa is a granule form ayurvedic preparation used for constipation. Lactullose solution is allopathic medicines used for severe constipation disease and it also useful in liver disease. Both medicines are different in nature and dosage form. Pet saffa has not side effects of regular uses but Lactullose solution may have some side effects.

What is better Pet Saffa tablet or Zandu Nityam Tablet?

Pet saffa and Zandu Nityam tablet both are used for constipation treatment. Both products contains herbal ingredients and have not side effects. It is very hard to say better one in them. In view of packing Zandu Nityam tablet is superior to Pet Saffa.

What are the sife effects of Pet Saffa?

Generally, Pet Saffa has very rare side effects but some probable side effects may be abdominal pain and cramp, diarrhea, gripping, watery stool, laxative habit, etc.

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