Latest dpco List|DPCO Price List 2020

NPPA updated Drugs Prices on date 07-02-2020

National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority issued a gazette notification for 847 formulations which were already notified in DPCO 2013, now some amendments have been made to the prices relatively. Here the above-said list is presented in easy to understanding way. Read the latest DPCO price list 2020 in a detailed manner, complete information about NPPA-DPCO list 2020 of 847 formulations earlier covered under DPCO 2013 orders. Read the list in the search option and scroll facility in the table constructed. You can search for any required formulation by entering some parts of the formulation.

(Published in Part II, Section 3, Sub-section (ii) of the Gazette of India, Extraordinary)

Government of India 

                    Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers Department of Pharmaceuticals

National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority

New Delhi,    the 29th March, 2019

ORDER S. O. – In exercise of the powers, conferred by paragraphs 4, 6, 10, 11, 14, 16, 17, and 18 of the Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 2013, read with S.O. No. 1394(E) dated the 30th May 2013 issued by the Government of India in the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, and in supersession of the Order(s) of the Government of India in the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers (National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority) S.O. Number and date specified in column no. 6(a) & 6(b) mentioned in the table below, the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority, hereby fixes the prices as specified in column (5) of the table herein below as ceiling prices exclusive of goods and services tax applicable, if any in respect of the Scheduled formulations specified in the corresponding entry in column (2) of the said Table with the dosage form & strength and unit specified respectively in the corresponding entries in columns (3) and (4) thereof:

National Pharmaceuticals Pricing Authority, issue a new list of 847 items for the DPCO rate list 2020, as it was already issued DPCO list 2018 . The NPPA list 2020 shall applicable from April 1, 2020. In the newly issued list, most of the items were already covered under DPCO rates which of rates are revised again. Some items are included newly. The rates are increased due to a change in the WPI of goods in the country. 

Price Revision as per Annual Wholesale Price Index (WPI) @ 4.2662% increase.

Gazette Notification No. SO 1485(E) Dated 29.03.2019.

Doanload Latest DPCO List,DPCO Price List 2020

The following DPCO list 2020 is approved by individual Manufacturing Companies after submitting their cost list of

Manufacturing particular Compositions, which shall apply for all after approval of the NPPA department.

Latest DPCO List DPCO Price List 2020

Here all molecules are covered in this like Cefixime 200mg tablet dpco price, Amoxycillin 500mg capsule dpco price, Azithromycin 250mg tablet dpco price, Abacavir tablets, Acyclovir tablet, and ointment, Albendazole tablet, Amitriptyline tablet, Amlodipine tablet, Artemether+ Lumefantrine tablet, Artesunate + Sulphadoxine – Pyrimethamine tablet, etc.

Microsoft Word – 847 English

Sl NoMedicinesDosage form and StrengthUnitCeiling price (wef 1.4.2019
with WPI @ 4.2662%)
Existing S.O. No. & Date
15-aminosalicylic AcidSuppository 500 mg Retention Enema1 Suppository16.551461(E)02.04.2018
25-aminosalicylic AcidTablet 400 mg1 Tablet7.311461(E)02.04.2018
35-FluorouracilInjection 250 mg/5
1 ml2.291461(E)02.04.2018
46-MercaptopurineTablet 50mg1 Tablet6.321461(E)02.04.2018
5AbacavirTablet 300 mg1 Tablet46.151461(E)02.04.2018
6Abacavir (A) + Lamivudine (B)Tablet 60 mg(A) + 30 mg(B)1 Tablet19.651461(E)02.04.2018
7Abacavir (A) + Lamivudine (B)Tablet 600 mg(A)+
300 mg(B)
1 Tablet89.181461(E)02.04.2018
8AcetazolamideCapsule 250 mg1 Capsule4.431461(E)02.04.2018
9AcetazolamideTablet 250 mg1 Tablet3.581461(E)02.04.2018
10Acetylsalicylic acidEffervescent/
Dispersible/ Enteric coated Tablet 100 mg
1 Tablet0.181461(E)02.04.2018
11Acetylsalicylic acidEffervescent/ Dispersible/ Enteric coated Tablet 150 mg1 Tablet1.181461(E)02.04.2018
12Acetylsalicylic acidEffervescent/ Dispersible/ Enteric
coated Tablet 75 mg
1 Tablet1.201461(E)02.04.2018
13Acetylsalicylic acidTablet 100 mg1 Tablet0.171461(E)02.04.2018
14Acetylsalicylic acidTablet 150 mg1 Tablet0.401461(E)02.04.2018
15Acetylsalicylic acidTablet 325mg1 Tablet0.541461(E)02.04.2018
16Acetylsalicylic acidTablet 350mg1 Tablet0.301461(E)02.04.2018
17Acetylsalicylic acidTablet 75 mg1 Tablet0.301461(E)02.04.2018
18Actinomycin DPowder for InjectionEach Pack310.351461(E)02.04.2018
19AcyclovirOintment 3%1 gm10.191461(E)02.04.2018
20AcyclovirOral Liquid 400
1 ml1.241461(E)02.04.2018
21AcyclovirTablet 200 mg1 Tablet6.631461(E)02.04.2018
22AcyclovirTablet 400 mg1 Tablet12.041461(E)02.04.2018
23AcyclovirPowder for Injection 250 mgEach Pack347.721461(E)02.04.2018
24AcyclovirPowder for Injection 500 mgEach Pack449.121461(E)02.04.2018
25AdenosineInjection 3mg/ml1 ml96.351461(E)02.04.2018
26AdrenalineInjection 1 mg/ml1 ml15.321461(E)02.04.2018
27AlbendazoleOral Liquid 200 mg/5ml1 ml1.561461(E)02.04.2018
28AlbendazoleTablet 400 mg1 Tablet7.541461(E)02.04.2018
29AllopurinolTablet 100 mg1 Tablet1.861461(E)02.04.2018
30AllopurinolTablet 300 mg1 Tablet7.321461(E)02.04.2018
31AlprostadilInjection 0.5 mg/ml1 ml5542.191461(E)02.04.2018
32AlteplasePowder for Injection 20 mgEach Pack18588.121461(E)02.04.2018
33AlteplasePowder for Injection 50 mgEach Pack38810.181461(E)02.04.2018
34AmiodaroneInjection 50 mg/ml1 ml21.833983(E)13.08.2018
35AmiodaroneTablet 100 mg1 Tablet5.591461(E)02.04.2018
36AmiodaroneTablet 200 mg1 Tablet11.081461(E)02.04.2018
37AmitriptylineTablet 10 mg1 Tablet2.241461(E)02.04.2018
38AmitriptylineTablet 25 mg1 Tablet2.211461(E)02.04.2018
39AmitriptylineTablet 50 mg1 Tablet5.681461(E)02.04.2018
40AmitriptylineTablet 75 mg1 Tablet5.491461(E)02.04.2018
41AmlodipineTablet 10 mg1 Tablet4.961461(E)02.04.2018
42AmlodipineTablet 2.5 mg1 Tablet1.621461(E)02.04.2018
43AmlodipineTablet 5mg1 Tablet2.551461(E)02.04.2018
44AmoxicillinCapsule 250 mg1 Capsule2.161461(E)02.04.2018
45AmoxicillinOral Liquid 250
1 ml1.321461(E)02.04.2018
46AmoxicillinCapsule 500mg1 Capsule6.321461(E)02.04.2018
47Amoxicillin (A) + Clavulanic acid (B)Dry Syrup 125 mg(A)
+ 31.25 (B)/5 ml
1 ml2.121461(E)02.04.2018
48Amoxicillin (A) + Clavulanic acid (B)Oral Liquid 200
mg(A) + 28.5
1 ml1.771461(E)02.04.2018
49Amoxicillin (A) + Clavulanic acid (B)Powder for Injection 500 mg(A) + 100
Each Pack88.101461(E)02.04.2018
50Amoxicillin (A) +Clavulanic acid
Tablet 500mg(A)
1 Tablet17.581461(E)02.04.2018
51Amoxicillin (A) +Clavulanic acid
Powder for Injection
1g (A) +200mg(B)
Each Pack122.901461(E)02.04.2018
52Amphotericin B –  Lipid/
Powder for Injection
50 mg
Each Pack4008.863983(E)13.08.2018
53Amphotericin B – ConventionalPowder for Injection
50 mg
Each Pack303.111461(E)02.04.2018
54AmpicillinPowder for Injection
1 gm
Each Pack20.891461(E)02.04.2018
55AmpicillinPowder for Injection 500 mgEach Pack12.871461(E)02.04.2018
56Anti-D immunoglobulinInjection 300mcgEach Pack2088.881461(E)02.04.2018
57Anti-D ImmunoglobulinInjection 150mcgEach Vial1628.211461(E)02.04.2018
58Anti-rabies immunoglobulinInjection 150 IU/ml1 ml2715.041461(E)02.04.2018
59Anti-rabies immunoglobulinInjection 300 IU/ml1 ml95.721461(E)02.04.2018
60Anti-tetanus immunoglobulin250IUEach Pack1087.555636(E)02.11.2018
61Arsenic TrioxideInjection 1mg/ml1 ml53.141461(E)02.04.2018
62Artemether (A) + Lumefantrine (B)Oral Liquid 80 mg(A)
+480 mg(B) /5ml
1 ml3.951461(E)02.04.2018
63Artemether (A) + Lumefantrine (B)Tablet 20 mg(A) + 120 mg(B)1 Tablet12.251461(E)02.04.2018
64Artemether (A) + Lumefantrine (B)Tablet 40 mg(A) + 240 mg(B)1 Tablet15.791461(E)02.04.2018
65Artemether (A) + Lumefantrine (B)Tablet 80 mg(A) + 480 mg(B)1 Tablet22.671461(E)02.04.2018
66ArtesunatePowder for Injection 120 mgEach Pack407.231461(E)02.04.2018
67ArtesunatePowder for Injection 60 mgEach Pack213.901461(E)02.04.2018
68Artesunate (A) + Sulphadoxine – Pyrimethamine (B)Tablet 100 mg(A) + 1
Tablet (750 mg+ 37.5 mg) (B)
Combi pack28.871461(E)02.04.2018
69Artesunate (A) + Sulphadoxine – Pyrimethamine (B)Tablet 150 mg(A) + 2
Tablet (500 mg+ 25 mg) (B)
Combi pack39.191461(E)02.04.2018
70Artesunate (A) + Sulphadoxine – Pyrimethamine (B)Tablet 200 mg(A) + 2
Tablet (750 mg+ 37.5 mg) (B)
Combi pack35.731461(E)02.04.2018
71Artesunate (A) + Sulphadoxine – Pyrimethamine (B)Tablet 25 mg(A) + 1
Tablet (250 mg+ 12.5 mg) (B)
Combi pack19.241461(E)02.04.2018
72Artesunate (A) + Sulphadoxine – Pyrimethamine (B)1 Tablet 50 mg(A) +
1 Tablet (500 mg+ 25 mg) (B)
Combi Pack20.771461(E)02.04.2018
73Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)Tablet 100mg1 Tablet0.191461(E)02.04.2018
74Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)Tablet 500 mg1 Tablet0.891461(E)02.04.2018
75Atazanavir (A) + Ritonavir (B)Tablet 300 mg(A) +
100 mg(B)
1 Tablet96.611461(E)02.04.2018
76AtenololTablet 100 mg1 Tablet3.411461(E)02.04.2018
77AtenololTablet 50 mg1 Tablet1.751461(E)02.04.2018
78AtorvastatinTablet 10 mg1 Tablet5.371461(E)02.04.2018
79AtorvastatinTablet 20 mg1 Tablet13.001461(E)02.04.2018
80AtorvastatinTablet 40 mg1 Tablet18.881461(E)02.04.2018
81AtracuriumInjection 10 mg/mlEach Pack51.301461(E)02.04.2018
82AtropineOintment 1%1 gm3.701461(E)02.04.2018
83AtropineInjection 0.6 mg/ml1 ml4.101461(E)02.04.2018
84AtropineDrops 1%1 ml3.361461(E)02.04.2018
85AzathioprineTablet 50 mg1 Tablet9.931461(E)02.04.2018
86AzithromycinCapsule 250 mg1 Capsule10.281461(E)02.04.2018
87AzithromycinCapsule 500 mg1 Capsule16.221461(E)02.04.2018
88AzithromycinOral Liquid 200 mg/5ml1 ml3.011461(E)02.04.2018
89AzithromycinTablet 250mg1 Tablet10.331461(E)02.04.2018
90AzithromycinTablet 500mg1 Tablet20.841461(E)02.04.2018
91AzithromycinPowder for Injection 500mgEach Pack188.151461(E)02.04.2018
92BaclofenTablet 10 mg1 Tablet10.521461(E)02.04.2018
93BaclofenTablet 20 mg1 Tablet14.481461(E)02.04.2018
94BaclofenTablet 5 mg1 Tablet5.421461(E)02.04.2018
95BCG vaccine Each Dose5.831769(E)26.04.2018
96Benzathine benzylpenicillinPowder for Injection 12 lac unitsEach Pack11.891461(E)02.04.2018
97Benzathine benzylpenicillinPowder for Injection 6 lac unitsEach Pack7.871461(E)02.04.2018
98Benzoyl PeroxideCream 2.5%1 gm2.291461(E)02.04.2018
99Benzoyl PeroxideGel 2.5%1 gm3.671461(E)02.04.2018
100Benzyl penicillinPowder for Injection 10 Lac UnitsEach Pack5.091461(E)02.04.2018
101BetamethasoneCream 0.05%1 gm0.571461(E)02.04.2018
102BetamethasoneCream 0.1%1 gm0.821461(E)02.04.2018
103BetamethasoneGel 0.05%1 gm0.521461(E)02.04.2018
104BetamethasoneLotion 0.1%1 ml0.801461(E)02.04.2018
105BetamethasoneLotion 0.5%1 ml0.521461(E)02.04.2018
106BetamethasoneInjection 4 mg/ml1 ml4.111461(E)02.04.2018
107BicalutamideTablet 50 mg1 Tablet67.141461(E)02.04.2018
108BisacodylSuppository 5 mg1 Suppository8.251461(E)02.04.2018
109BisacodylTablet 5 mg1 Tablet0.981461(E)02.04.2018
110BleomycinPowder for Injection
15 Units
Each Pack607.491461(E)02.04.2018
111BortezomibPowder for Injection
2 mg
Each Pack12036.261461(E)02.04.2018
112BudesonideNasal Spray 100
1 Dose0.891461(E)02.04.2018
113BudesonideNasal Spray 50
1 Dose0.991461(E)02.04.2018
114BudesonideRespiratory Solution for use in Nebulizer
0.5 mg/ml
1 ml10.481461(E)02.04.2018
115BudesonideRespiratory Solution
for use in Nebulizer 1 mg/ml
1 ml12.641461(E)02.04.2018
116BudesonideInhalation (MDI) 100
Per Metered
117BudesonideInhalation (MDI) 200 mcg/dosePer metered Dose1.541028(E)26.02.2019
118BudesonideInhalation (DPI) 100
Per Dose1.951028(E)26.02.2019
119BudesonideInhalation (DPI) 200
Per Dose2.831028(E)26.02.2019
120Budesonide (A)+ Formoterol (B)Inhalation (MDI) 100
mcg (A) + 6 mcg (B)
Per Metered
121Budesonide (A)+ Formoterol (B)Inhalation (MDI) 200
mcg (A) + 6 mcg (B)
Per Metered
122Budesonide (A)+ Formoterol (B)Inhalation (MDI) 400
mcg (A) + 6 mcg (B)
Per Metered
123Budesonide (A)+ Formoterol (B)Inhalation (DPI) 100
mcg (A) + 6 mcg (B)
Per Dose3.711028(E)26.02.2019
124Budesonide (A)+ Formoterol (B)Inhalation (DPI) 200
mcg (A) + 6 mcg (B)
Per Dose4.931028(E)26.02.2019
125Budesonide (A)+ Formoterol (B)Inhalation (DPI) 400 mcg (A) + 6 mcg (B)Per Dose6.301028(E)26.02.2019
126BupivacaineInjection 0.25%1 ml2.401461(E)02.04.2018
127BupivacaineInjection 0.5% with
7.5% glucose
1 ml6.081461(E)02.04.2018
128BupivacaineInjection 0.50%1 ml3.841461(E)02.04.2018
129CaffeineInjection 20 mg/ml1 ml245.641461(E)02.04.2018
130CaffeineOral Liquid 20 mg/ml1 ml208.631461(E)02.04.2018
131CalamineLotion (As per IP)1 ml0.831461(E)02.04.2018
132Calcium folinateTablet 15 mg1 Tablet39.921461(E)02.04.2018
133Calcium gluconateInjection 100 mg/ml1 ml0.541461(E)02.04.2018
134CapecitabineTablet 500 mg1 Tablet123.681461(E)02.04.2018
135CapreomycinPowder for Injection 1 gmEach Pack338.981461(E)02.04.2018
136CarbamazepineOral Liquid 100
1 ml0.191461(E)02.04.2018
137CarbamazepineCR Tablet 200 mg1 Tablet1.521461(E)02.04.2018
138CarbamazepineCR Tablet 400 mg1 Tablet2.991461(E)02.04.2018
139CarbamazepineTablet 100 mg1 Tablet0.671461(E)02.04.2018
140CarbamazepineTablet 200 mg1 Tablet1.361461(E)02.04.2018
141CarbamazepineTablet 400 mg1 Tablet3.231461(E)02.04.2018
142CarbimazoleTablet 10 mg1 Tablet3.621461(E)02.04.2018
143CarbimazoleTablet 5 mg1 Tablet1.861461(E)02.04.2018
144CarboplatinInjection 10 mg/ml1 ml52.081461(E)02.04.2018
145CarboxymethylcelluloseDrops 0.5%1 ml12.501461(E)02.04.2018
146CarboxymethylcelluloseDrops 1%1 ml17.331461(E)02.04.2018
147CefadroxilCapsule 500 mg1 Capsule7.001461(E)02.04.2018
148CefadroxilOral Liquid 125
1 ml0.621461(E)02.04.2018
149CefadroxilTablet 1 gm1 Tablet6.151461(E)02.04.2018
150CefadroxilTablet 500 mg1 Tablet3.951461(E)02.04.2018
151CefazolinPowder for Injection
1 gm
Each Pack24.031461(E)02.04.2018
152CefazolinPowder for Injection 500 mgEach Pack15.231461(E)02.04.2018
153CefiximeCapsule 200 mg1 Capsule14.121461(E)02.04.2018
154CefiximeCapsule 400 mg1 Capsule28.611461(E)02.04.2018
155CefiximeOral Liquid 100 mg/5ml1 ml2.111461(E)02.04.2018
156CefiximeOral Liquid 50 mg/5ml1 ml1.421461(E)02.04.2018
157CefiximeTablet 400 mg1 Tablet21.591461(E)02.04.2018
158CefiximeTablet 200mg1 Tablet9.391461(E)02.04.2018
159CefotaximePowder for Injection
1 gm
Each Pack33.591461(E)02.04.2018
160CefotaximePowder for Injection 250 mgEach Pack15.271461(E)02.04.2018
161CefotaximePowder for Injection 500 mgEach Pack20.081461(E)02.04.2018
162CeftazidimePowder for Injection 1 gmEach Pack204.821461(E)02.04.2018
163CeftazidimePowder for Injection 250 mgEach Pack63.701461(E)02.04.2018
164CeftriaxonePowder for Injection 1gmEach Pack52.761461(E)02.04.2018
165CeftriaxonePowder for Injection 2 gmEach Pack125.411461(E)02.04.2018
166CeftriaxonePowder for Injection 250 mgEach Pack24.151461(E)02.04.2018
167CeftriaxonePowder for Injection 500 mgEach Pack44.121461(E)02.04.2018
168CetirizineCapsule 10 mg1 Capsule2.331461(E)02.04.2018
169CetirizineOral Liquid 5 mg/5ml1 ml0.581461(E)02.04.2018
170CetirizineTablet 10 mg1 Tablet1.621461(E)02.04.2018
171CetrimideSolution 20% (concentrate for
1 ml0.311461(E)02.04.2018
172ChlorambucilTablet 2 mg1 Tablet36.121461(E)02.04.2018
173ChlorambucilTablet 5 mg1 Tablet81.171461(E)02.04.2018
174ChlorhexidineSolution 5% (Concentrate for
1 ml0.151461(E)02.04.2018
175ChloroquineOral Liquid 50
1 ml0.291461(E)02.04.2018
176ChloroquineTablet 150mg1 Tablet0.771461(E)02.04.2018
177ChlorpheniramineTablet 4 mg1 Tablet0.091461(E)02.04.2018
178CholecalciferolCapsule 1000 IU1 Capsule4.671461(E)02.04.2018
179CholecalciferolCapsule 60000 IU1 Capsule28.901461(E)02.04.2018
180CholecalciferolOral Liquid 400 IU/ml1 ml2.301461(E)02.04.2018
181CholecalciferolTablet 1000 IU1 Tablet3.671461(E)02.04.2018
182CholecalciferolTablet 60000 IU1 Tablet23.731461(E)02.04.2018
183CiprofloxacinOintment 0.3%1 gm1.111461(E)02.04.2018
184CiprofloxacinDrops 0.30%1 ml1.491461(E)02.04.2018
185CiprofloxacinInjection 200
1 ml0.171461(E)02.04.2018
186CiprofloxacinOral Liquid 250
1 ml0.621461(E)02.04.2018
187CiprofloxacinTablet 250mg1 Tablet2.031461(E)02.04.2018
188CiprofloxacinTablet 500mg1 Tablet3.571461(E)02.04.2018
189CisplatinInjection 1 mg/ml1 ml6.741461(E)02.04.2018
190ClarithromycinOral Liquid 125
1 ml4.221461(E)02.04.2018
191ClarithromycinTablet 250 mg1 Tablet27.401461(E)02.04.2018
192ClarithromycinTablet 500 mg1 Tablet48.301461(E)02.04.2018
193ClindamycinCapsule 150 mg1 Capsule14.161461(E)02.04.2018
194ClindamycinCapsule 300 mg1 Capsule23.121461(E)02.04.2018
195ClindamycinTablet 300 mg1 Tablet14.921461(E)02.04.2018
196ClobazamTablet 10 mg1 Tablet8.841461(E)02.04.2018
197ClobazamTablet 5 mg1 Tablet5.031461(E)02.04.2018
198ClofazimineCapsule 100 mg1 Capsule2.421461(E)02.04.2018
199ClofazimineCapsule 50 mg1 Capsule1.421461(E)02.04.2018
200ClomipheneCapsule 100 mg1 Capsule54.471461(E)02.04.2018
201ClomipheneCapsule 50 mg1 Capsule29.971461(E)02.04.2018
202ClomipheneTablet 100mg1 Tablet11.951461(E)02.04.2018
203ClomipheneTablet 50mg1 Tablet8.151461(E)02.04.2018
204ClomipramineTablet 10 mg1 Tablet2.461461(E)02.04.2018
205ClomipramineTablet 25 mg1 Tablet5.431461(E)02.04.2018
206ClomipramineTablet 75 mg1 Tablet14.041461(E)02.04.2018
207ClonazepamTablet 0.25 mg1 Tablet1.791461(E)02.04.2018
208ClonazepamTablet 0.5 mg1 Tablet3.041461(E)02.04.2018
209ClonazepamTablet 1 mg1 Tablet4.141461(E)02.04.2018
210ClopidogrelTablet 75 mg1 Tablet6.801461(E)02.04.2018
211ClotrimazoleCream 1%1 gm2.853983(E)13.08.2018
212ClotrimazoleDrops 1%1 ml2.961461(E)02.04.2018
213ClotrimazoleLotion 1%1 ml3.501461(E)02.04.2018
214ClotrimazolePessary 100 mg1 Pessary8.501461(E)02.04.2018
215CloxacillinCapsule 250mg1 Capsule1.111461(E)02.04.2018
216CloxacillinCapsule 500mg1 Capsule1.861461(E)02.04.2018
217CloxacillinTablet 250mg1 Tablet1.691461(E)02.04.2018
218CloxacillinPowder for
Each Pack4.351461(E)02.04.2018
219ClozapineTablet 100 mg1 Tablet7.581461(E)02.04.2018
220ClozapineTablet 25 mg1 Tablet2.461461(E)02.04.2018
221ClozapineTablet 50 mg1 Tablet4.701461(E)02.04.2018
222Coagulation factor IXPowder for Injection
600 IU
Each Pack12057.741461(E)02.04.2018
223Coagulation factor VIIIPowder for Injection
250 IU
Each pack3655.221461(E)02.04.2018
224Coagulation factor VIIIPowder for Injection
500 IU
Each Pack8969.651461(E)02.04.2018
225ColchicineTablet 0.5 mg1 Tablet3.041461(E)02.04.2018
226Co-trimoxazole (Sulphamethoxazole (A)+Trimethoprim (B)]Oral Liquid 200 mg(A)+40 mg(B)/5ml1 ml0.211461(E)02.04.2018
227Co-trimoxazoleTablet 400 mg(A)+801 Tablet0.511461(E)02.04.2018
 (Sulphamethoxazole (A)+Trimethoprim (B)]mg(B)    
228Co-trimoxazole (Sulphamethoxazole
(A)+Trimethoprim (B)]
Tablet 800 mg(A)+160 mg(B)1 Tablet1.322399(E)12.06.2018
229CyclophosphamideTablet 50 mg1 Tablet3.971461(E)02.04.2018
230CyclophosphamidePowder for Injection 500 mgEach Pack78.111461(E)02.04.2018
231CycloserineCapsule 250 mg1 Capsule53.131461(E)02.04.2018
232CycloserineTablet 250 mg1 Tablet45.681461(E)02.04.2018
233CyclosporineCapsule 100 mg1 Capsule100.311461(E)02.04.2018
234CyclosporineCapsule 25 mg1 Capsule26.921461(E)02.04.2018
235CyclosporineCapsule 50 mg1 Capsule51.521461(E)02.04.2018
236CyclosporineInjection 50 mg/ml1 ml263.961461(E)02.04.2018
237CyclosporineOral Liquid 100 mg/ml1 ml92.501461(E)02.04.2018
238Cytosine arabinosideInjection 100 mg/mlEach Pack194.431461(E)02.04.2018
239Cytosine arabinosidePowder for Injection
1000 mg
Each Pack1048.651461(E)02.04.2018
240Cytosine arabinosidePowder for Injection 500 mgEach Pack501.201461(E)02.04.2018
241DacarbazinePowder for Injection
200 mg
Each Pack429.931461(E)02.04.2018
242DacarbazinePowder for Injection
500 mg
Each Pack969.871461(E)02.04.2018
243DapsoneTablet 100 mg1 Tablet0.231461(E)02.04.2018
244DarunavirTablet 600 mg1 Tablet163.351461(E)02.04.2018
245DesferrioxaminePowder for Injection 500mgEach pack157.371461(E)02.04.2018
246DexamethasoneTablet 0.5 mg1 Tablet0.191461(E)02.04.2018
247DexamethasoneInjection 4 mg/mlEach Pack (10 ml)13.481461(E)02.04.2018
248DexamethasoneInjection 4 mg/mlEach Pack (2
249DexamethasoneInjection 4 mg/mlEach Pack (20
250DexamethasoneInjection 4 mg/mlEach Pack (30
251Dextran-40Injection 10%1 ml0.833983(E)13.08.2018
252DiazepamInjection 5 mg/ml1 ml5.931461(E)02.04.2018
253DiazepamOral Liquid 2 mg/5ml1 ml2.681461(E)02.04.2018
254DiazepamSuppository 5 mg1 Suppository5.851461(E)02.04.2018
255DiazepamTablet 2 mg1 Tablet1.471461(E)02.04.2018
256DiazepamTablet 5 mg1 Tablet1.391461(E)02.04.2018
257DiclofenacCapsule 50 mg1 Capsule0.601461(E)02.04.2018
258DiclofenacInjection 25 mg/ml1 ml1.431461(E)02.04.2018
259DiclofenacTablet 50 mg1 Tablet1.871461(E)02.04.2018
260DicyclomineInjection 10 mg/ml (10ml & 30ml Pack)1 ml2.011461(E)02.04.2018
261DicyclomineInjection 10 mg/ml
(1ml & 2ml Pack)
1 ml3.121461(E)02.04.2018
262DicyclomineOral Solution
1 ml0.161461(E)02.04.2018
263DicyclomineTablet 10mg1 Tablet0.111461(E)02.04.2018
264DiethylcarbamazineOral Liquid 120 mg/5ml1 ml0.481461(E)02.04.2018
265DiethylcarbamazineTablet 100 mg1 Tablet1.381461(E)02.04.2018
266DiethylcarbamazineTablet 50 mg1 Tablet0.551461(E)02.04.2018
267DigoxinInjection 0.25 mg/ml1 ml3.261461(E)02.04.2018
268DigoxinOral liquid 0.051 ml1.243241(E)04.07.2018
269DigoxinTablet 0.25 mg1 Tablet1.171461(E)02.04.2018
270Diloxanide furoateTablet 500mg1 Tablet1.031461(E)02.04.2018
271DiltiazemCapsule 90 mg1 Capsule9.401461(E)02.04.2018
272DiltiazemInjection 5 mg/ml1 ml3.091461(E)02.04.2018
273DiltiazemSR Tablet 90 mg1 Tablet9.131461(E)02.04.2018
274DiltiazemTablet 30 mg1 Tablet2.351461(E)02.04.2018
275DiltiazemTablet 60 mg1 Tablet4.781461(E)02.04.2018
276DimercaprolInjection 50 mg/ml1 ml195.865633(E)02.11.2018
277DinoprostoneGel 0.5 mg1 gm79.331461(E)02.04.2018
278DinoprostoneTablet 0.5mg1 Tablet48.981461(E)02.04.2018
279Diphtheria antitoxin10000 IUEach Pack1282.591461(E)02.04.2018
280DobutamineInjection 50 mg/mlEach Pack36.701461(E)02.04.2018
281DocetaxelPowder for Injection 20 mgEach Pack2929.381461(E)02.04.2018
282DocetaxelPowder for Injection 80 mgEach Pack11137.711461(E)02.04.2018
283DomperidoneOral Liquid 1 mg/ml1 ml1.051461(E)02.04.2018
284DomperidoneTablet 10 mg1 Tablet2.371461(E)02.04.2018
285DonepezilTablet 10 mg1 Tablet15.701461(E)02.04.2018
286DonepezilTablet 5 mg1 Tablet11.001461(E)02.04.2018
287DopamineInjection 40 mg/ml1 ml5.531461(E)02.04.2018
288DoxorubicinInjection 2 mg/ml1 ml35.141461(E)02.04.2018
289DoxycyclineCapsule 100 mg1 Capsule2.451461(E)02.04.2018
290DoxycyclineTablet 100 mg1 Tablet0.951461(E)02.04.2018
291DPT + Hib + Hep B vaccine Per 0.1 ml78.601461(E)02.04.2018
292DPT vaccine Per 0.5 ml13.861461(E)02.04.2018
293EfavirenzCapsule 200 mg1 Capsule23.561461(E)02.04.2018
294EfavirenzCapsule 600 mg1 Capsule61.381461(E)02.04.2018
295EfavirenzTablet 200 mg1 Tablet22.191461(E)02.04.2018
296EfavirenzTablet 600 mg1 Tablet69.501461(E)02.04.2018
297EnalaprilTablet 2.5 mg1 Tablet1.891461(E)02.04.2018
298EnalaprilTablet 5 mg1 Tablet3.141461(E)02.04.2018
299EnoxaparinInjection 40
0.1 ml99.481461(E)02.04.2018
300EnoxaparinInjection 60
0.1 ml99.481461(E)02.04.2018
301EntecavirTablet 0.5 mg1 Tablet78.081461(E)02.04.2018
302EntecavirTablet 1 mg1 Tablet124.061461(E)02.04.2018
303ErythropoietinInjection 10000 IU/mlEach pack2545.891461(E)02.04.2018
304ErythropoietinInjection 2000 IU/mlEach pack603.001461(E)02.04.2018
305EscitalopramTablet 10 mg1 Tablet7.931461(E)02.04.2018
306EscitalopramTablet 20 mg1 Tablet12.521461(E)02.04.2018
307EscitalopramTablet 5 mg1 Tablet4.471461(E)02.04.2018
308EsmololInjection 10mg/ml1 ml21.201461(E)02.04.2018
309EthambutolTablet 200 mg1 Tablet1.031461(E)02.04.2018
310EthambutolTablet 400 mg1 Tablet2.351461(E)02.04.2018
311EthambutolTablet 600 mg1 Tablet3.461461(E)02.04.2018
312EthambutolTablet 800 mg1 Tablet4.141461(E)02.04.2018
313EthinylestradiolTablet 0.01 mg1 Tablet2.301461(E)02.04.2018
314EthinylestradiolTablet 0.05 mg1 Tablet3.671461(E)02.04.2018
315Ethinylestradiol (A) +
Levonorgestrel (B)
Tablet 0.03 mg(A) +
0.15 mg(B)
1 Tablet3.381461(E)02.04.2018
316EthionamideTablet 250 mg1 Tablet15.451461(E)02.04.2018
317EtoposideCapsule 50 mg1 Capsule53.211461(E)02.04.2018
318EtoposideInjection 20 mg/ml1 ml35.091461(E)02.04.2018
319FentanylInjection 50mcg/ml1 ml22.221461(E)02.04.2018
320FilgrastimInjection 300 mcgEach pack1342.981461(E)02.04.2018
321FluconazoleCapsule 100 mg1 Capsule24.721461(E)02.04.2018
322FluconazoleCapsule 150 mg1 Capsule18.151461(E)02.04.2018
323FluconazoleCapsule 200 mg1 Capsule35.731461(E)02.04.2018
324FluconazoleOral Liquid
1 ml2.561461(E)02.04.2018
325FluconazoleTablet 100 mg1 Tablet7.811461(E)02.04.2018
326FluconazoleTablet 150 mg1 Tablet11.591461(E)02.04.2018
327FluconazoleTablet 200 mg1 Tablet18.381461(E)02.04.2018
328FluconazoleTablet 400 mg1 Tablet30.571461(E)02.04.2018
329FluconazoleInjection 200 mg/100 mlEach Pack104.151461(E)02.04.2018
330FlunarizineTablet 10 mg1 Tablet4.631461(E)02.04.2018
331FlunarizineTablet 5 mg1 Tablet2.701461(E)02.04.2018
332FluoxetineCapsule 10 mg1 Capsule2.911461(E)02.04.2018
333FluoxetineCapsule 20 mg1 Capsule3.571461(E)02.04.2018
334FluoxetineCapsule 40 mg1 Capsule5.421461(E)02.04.2018
335FluoxetineCapsule 60 mg1 Capsule9.581461(E)02.04.2018
336FluoxetineTablet 10 mg1 Tablet2.441461(E)02.04.2018
337FluoxetineTablet 20 mg1 Tablet3.881461(E)02.04.2018
338FluoxetineTablet 40 mg1 Tablet5.221461(E)02.04.2018
339FluoxetineTablet 60 mg1 Tablet7.241461(E)02.04.2018
340FluphenazineDepot Injection 25 mg/ml1 ml48.961461(E)02.04.2018
341Folic AcidCapsule 5 mg1 Capsule5.521461(E)02.04.2018
342Folic AcidTablet 5 mg1 Tablet1.361461(E)02.04.2018
343FurosemideOral liquid 10 mg/ml1 ml2.713241(E)04.07.2018
344FurosemideTablet 40 mg1 Tablet0.491461(E)02.04.2018
345FurosemideInjection 10mg/ml1 ml1.621461(E)02.04.2018
346Fusidic acidCream 2%1 gm8.931461(E)02.04.2018
347GadobenateInjection 529 mg/ml1 ml106.661461(E)02.04.2018
348GanciclovirCapsule 250 mg1 Capsule117.651461(E)02.04.2018
349GanciclovirPowder for Injection 500 mgEach Pack1651.521461(E)02.04.2018
350GefitinibTablet 250 mg1 Tablet419.441461(E)02.04.2018
351GemcitabinePowder for Injection
1 gm
Each Pack5191.881461(E)02.04.2018
352GemcitabinePowder for Injection
Each Pack1146.621461(E)02.04.2018
353GentamicinDrops 0.3%1 ml0.891461(E)02.04.2018
354GentamicinInjection 10 mg/ml1 ml3.111461(E)02.04.2018
355GentamicinInjection 40 mg/mlEach Pack (10
356GentamicinInjection 40 mg/mlEach Pack (2 ml)8.231028(E)26.02.2019
357GentamicinInjection 40 mg/mlEach Pack (20
358GentamicinInjection 40 mg/mlEach Pack (30
359GlimepirideTablet 1 mg1 Tablet3.511461(E)02.04.2018
360GlimepirideTablet 2 mg1 Tablet5.581461(E)02.04.2018
361GlucoseInjection 25%1 ml0.171461(E)02.04.2018
362GlucoseInjection 50%1 ml0.481461(E)02.04.2018
363GlucoseInjection 5%1000ml Glass62.861461(E)02.04.2018
364GlucoseInjection 5%1000ml Non- Glass50.731461(E)02.04.2018
365GlucoseInjection 5%100ml Glass17.641461(E)02.04.2018
366GlucoseInjection 5%100ml Non-
367GlucoseInjection 5%250ml Glass24.381461(E)02.04.2018
368GlucoseInjection 5%250ml Non- Glass22.021461(E)02.04.2018
369GlucoseInjection 5%500ml Glass34.601461(E)02.04.2018
370GlucoseInjection 5%500ml Non- Glass29.861461(E)02.04.2018
371GlucoseInjection 10%Each Pack (1000 ml)25.271461(E)02.04.2018
372GlucoseInjection 10%Each Pack (500 ml)27.491461(E)02.04.2018
373Glucose (A) + Sodium Chloride (B)Injection 5% (A) + 0.9% (B)1000ml Glass63.261461(E)02.04.2018
374Glucose (A) + Sodium Chloride (B)Injection 5% (A) + 0.9% (B)1000ml Non- Glass51.121461(E)02.04.2018
375Glucose (A) + Sodium Chloride (B)Injection 5% (A) +
0.9% (B)
100ml Glass17.691461(E)02.04.2018
376Glucose (A) + Sodium Chloride (B)Injection 5% (A) + 0.9% (B)100ml Non- Glass15.991461(E)02.04.2018
377Glucose (A) + Sodium Chloride (B)Injection 5% (A) +
0.9% (B)
250ml Glass24.481461(E)02.04.2018
378Glucose (A) + Sodium Chloride (B)Injection 5% (A) +
0.9% (B)
250ml Non-
379Glucose (A) + Sodium Chloride (B)Injection 5% (A) +
0.9% (B)
500ml Glass34.771461(E)02.04.2018
380Glucose (A) + Sodium Chloride (B)Injection 5% (A) +
0.9% (B)
500ml Non-
381GlutaraldehydeSolution 2%1 ml0.061461(E)02.04.2018
382GlycerinOral Liquid1 ml0.151461(E)02.04.2018
383Glyceryl TrinitrateInjection 5 mg/ml1 ml6.421461(E)02.04.2018
384Glyceryl TrinitrateSublingual Tablet 0.5
1 Tablet1.771461(E)02.04.2018
385GlycopyrrolateInjection 0.2 mg/ml1 ml12.021461(E)02.04.2018
386GriseofulvinTablet 125mg1 Tablet0.801461(E)02.04.2018
387GriseofulvinTablet 250 mg1 Tablet1.561461(E)02.04.2018
388GriseofulvinTablet 375 mg1 Tablet4.211461(E)02.04.2018
389Haemodialysis fluidAs license1 ml0.041461(E)02.04.2018
390HaloperidolInjection 5 mg/ml1 ml5.701461(E)02.04.2018
391HaloperidolOral Liquid 2 mg/
1 ml2.011461(E)02.04.2018
392HaloperidolTablet 1.5 mg1 Tablet1.621461(E)02.04.2018
393HaloperidolTablet 10 mg1 Tablet4.321461(E)02.04.2018
394HaloperidolTablet 20 mg1 Tablet4.821461(E)02.04.2018
395HaloperidolTablet 5 mg1 Tablet3.371461(E)02.04.2018
396HalothaneInhalation1 ml5.731461(E)02.04.2018
397HeparinInjection 1000 IU/ml1 ml15.961461(E)02.04.2018
398HeparinInjection 5000 IU/ml1 ml39.611461(E)02.04.2018
399Hepatitis B immunoglobulin Each Pack5390.601461(E)02.04.2018
400Hepatitis B vaccine 1 ml76.641461(E)02.04.2018
401HomatropineDrops 2%1 ml6.081461(E)02.04.2018
402Hormone releasing IUDContains 52 mgof Levonorgestrel1 IUD3785.521461(E)02.04.2018
403Human chorionic GonadotropinInjection 1000 IUEach Pack207.981461(E)02.04.2018
404Human chorionic GonadotropinInjection 5000 IUEach Pack408.441461(E)02.04.2018
405Human Normal Immunoglobulin 1 ml150.971461(E)02.04.2018
406HydrochlorothiazideTablet 12.5 mg1 Tablet0.961461(E)02.04.2018
407HydrochlorothiazideTablet 25 mg1 Tablet1.651461(E)02.04.2018
408HydrochlorothiazideTablet 50 mg1 Tablet0.081461(E)02.04.2018
409HydrocortisoneTablet 10 mg1 Tablet5.761461(E)02.04.2018
410HydrocortisoneTablet 5 mg1 Tablet2.961461(E)02.04.2018
411HydrocortisoneInjection 100 mgEach Pack38.081461(E)02.04.2018
412HydrocortisoneInjection 200 mgEach Pack58.711461(E)02.04.2018
413HydrocortisonePowder for Injection 100 mgEach Pack38.081461(E)02.04.2018
414Hydrogen peroxideSolution 6%1 ml0.041461(E)02.04.2018
415HydroxychloroquineTablet 200 mg1 Tablet5.801461(E)02.04.2018
416HydroxychloroquineTablet 400 mg1 Tablet11.691461(E)02.04.2018
417Hydroxypropyl methylcelluloseInjection 2%1 ml36.701461(E)02.04.2018
418HydroxyureaCapsule 500 mg1 Capsule12.541461(E)02.04.2018
419Hyoscine butylbromideInjection 20 mg/ml1 ml10.211461(E)02.04.2018
420Hyoscine ButylbromideTablet 10 mg1 Tablet2.911461(E)02.04.2018
421IbuprofenCapsule 400 mg1 Capsule1.031461(E)02.04.2018
422IbuprofenTablet 200 mg1 Tablet0.381461(E)02.04.2018
423IbuprofenTablet 400 mg1 Tablet0.681461(E)02.04.2018
424IbuprofenOral Liquid 100mg/5ml1 ml0.191461(E)02.04.2018
425IfosfamidePowder for Injection 1gEach Pack354.111461(E)02.04.2018
426IfosfamidePowder for Injection 2gEach Pack929.491461(E)02.04.2018
427ImatinibCapsule 100 mg1 Capsule75.971461(E)02.04.2018
428ImatinibCapsule 400 mg1 Capsule249.961461(E)02.04.2018
429ImatinibTablet 100 mg1 Tablet77.731461(E)02.04.2018
430ImatinibTablet 400 mg1 Tablet225.001461(E)02.04.2018
431Insulin (Soluble)Injection 40 IU/ml1 ml14.731461(E)02.04.2018
432Intermediate Acting (NPH) InsulinInjection 40 IU/ml1 ml14.731461(E)02.04.2018
433IohexolInjection 300mgiodine/ml1 ml16.271461(E)02.04.2018
434IpratropiumInhalation (MDI/DPI) 20 mcg/dose1 Dose0.601461(E)02.04.2018
435IpratropiumRespirator solution for use in Nebulizer 250 mcg/ml1 ml2.481461(E)02.04.2018
436Iron sucroseInjection 20 mg/ml1 ml52.601461(E)02.04.2018
437IsofluraneInhalation1 ml10.231461(E)02.04.2018
438IsoniazidTablet 100mg1 Tablet0.671461(E)02.04.2018
439IsoniazidTablet 300mg1 Tablet1.171461(E)02.04.2018
440Isosorbide 5 MononitrateTablet 20 mg1 Tablet3.211461(E)02.04.2018
441Isosorbide dinitrateTablet 10 mg1 Tablet0.721461(E)02.04.2018
442Isosorbide dinitrateTablet 5 mg1 Tablet0.741461(E)02.04.2018
443Isosorbide-5-mononitrateSR Capsule 30 mg1 Capsule3.431461(E)02.04.2018
444Isosorbide-5-mononitrateSR Capsule 60 mg1 Capsule3.411461(E)02.04.2018
445Isosorbide-5-mononitrateSR Tablet 30 mg1 Tablet4.791461(E)02.04.2018
446Isosorbide-5-mononitrateSR Tablet 60 mg1 Tablet6.251461(E)02.04.2018
447Isosorbide-5-mononitrateTablet 10 mg1 Tablet1.921461(E)02.04.2018
448IspaghulaGranules/ Husk/ Powder1 gm0.761461(E)02.04.2018
449IUD containing CopperAs licensed1 IUD281.351461(E)02.04.2018
450Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine4mcg to 6mcgEach Pack682.641461(E)02.04.2018
451Japanese Encephalitis Vaccineup to 3mcgEach Pack520.081461(E)02.04.2018
452KanamycinPowder for Injection 1 gmEach Pack38.271461(E)02.04.2018
453KanamycinPowder for Injection 500 mgEach Pack20.881461(E)02.04.2018
454KanamycinPowder for Injection 750 mgEach Pack35.671461(E)02.04.2018
455KetamineInjection 10 mg/ml1 ml10.361461(E)02.04.2018
456KetamineInjection 50 mg/ml1 ml10.231461(E)02.04.2018
457LabetalolInjection 5 mg/ml1 ml49.611461(E)02.04.2018
458LactuloseOral Liquid 10 g/15 ml1 ml1.071461(E)02.04.2018
459Lamivudine (A) + Nevirapine (B) + Stavudine (C)Tablet 150 mg(A) + 200 mg(B) + 30
1 Tablet15.271461(E)02.04.2018
460Lamivudine (A) + Zidovudine (B)Tablet 150 mg(A) + 300 mg(B)1 Tablet19.631461(E)02.04.2018
461Lamivudine (A)+ Nevirapine (B) + Stavudine (C)Dispersible Tablet 30
mg(A) + 50 mg(B) + 6
1 Tablet4.841461(E)02.04.2018
462L-AsparaginasePowder for Injection 10000 KUEach Pack1571.021461(E)02.04.2018
463L-AsparaginasePowder for Injection
Each Pack1014.081461(E)02.04.2018
464LeflunomideTablet 10 mg1 Tablet9.801461(E)02.04.2018
465LeflunomideTablet 20 mg1 Tablet19.121461(E)02.04.2018
466LetrozoleTablet 2.5 mg1 Tablet39.901461(E)02.04.2018
467LevetiracetamInjection 100 mg/ml1 ml21.351461(E)02.04.2018
468LevetiracetamER Tablet 750 mg1 Tablet17.021461(E)02.04.2018
469LevetiracetamTablet 250 mg1 Tablet5.721461(E)02.04.2018
470LevetiracetamTablet 500 mg1 Tablet11.571461(E)02.04.2018
471LevetiracetamTablet 750 mg1 Tablet17.791461(E)02.04.2018
472LevetiracetamOral Liquid 100
1 ml3.571461(E)02.04.2018
473Levodopa (A) + Carbidopa (B)CR Tablet 100 mg(A)
+ 25 mg(B)
1 Tablet3.261461(E)02.04.2018
474Levodopa (A) + Carbidopa (B)Tablet 100 mg(A) + 10 mg(B)1 Tablet1.521461(E)02.04.2018
475Levodopa (A) + Carbidopa (B)Tablet 100 mg(A) + 25 mg(B)1 Tablet2.211461(E)02.04.2018
476Levodopa (A) + Carbidopa (B)Tablet 250 mg(A) + 25 mg(B)1 Tablet3.661461(E)02.04.2018
477Levodopa (A) + Carbidopa (B)CR Tablet 200 mg(A)
+ 50 mg(B)
1 Tablet4.021461(E)02.04.2018
478LevofloxacinTablet 250 mg1 Tablet4.321461(E)02.04.2018
479LevofloxacinTablet 750 mg1 Tablet10.701461(E)02.04.2018
480LevofloxacinTablet 500mg1 Tablet7.891461(E)02.04.2018
481LevonorgestrelTablet 0.75 mg1 Tablet22.531461(E)02.04.2018
482LevothyroxineTablet 100 mcg1 Tablet1.171461(E)02.04.2018
483LevothyroxineTablet 112mcg1 Tablet1.401461(E)02.04.2018
484LevothyroxineTablet 12.5 mcg1 Tablet1.321461(E)02.04.2018
485LevothyroxineTablet 125 mcg1 Tablet1.501461(E)02.04.2018
486LevothyroxineTablet 150 mcg1 Tablet1.511461(E)02.04.2018
487LevothyroxineTablet 25 mcg1 Tablet1.281461(E)02.04.2018
488LevothyroxineTablet 50 mcg1 Tablet0.961461(E)02.04.2018
489LevothyroxineTablet 62.5mcg1 Tablet1.371461(E)02.04.2018
490LevothyroxineTablet 75 mcg1 Tablet1.271461(E)02.04.2018
491LevothyroxineTablet 88 mcg1 Tablet1.501461(E)02.04.2018
492LignocaineInjection 2%1 ml0.961461(E)02.04.2018
493LignocaineInjection 2%(Preservative free
for IV use)
1 ml0.951461(E)02.04.2018
494LignocaineInjection 1%Each Pack7.771461(E)02.04.2018
495LignocaineTopical Forms 2-5%1 gm or 1 ml1.051461(E)02.04.2018
496LignocaineInjection 5% with
7.5% Glucose
1 ml3.601461(E)02.04.2018
497Lignocaine (A) + Adrenaline (B)Injection 1% (A) + 1:200000 (5 mcg/ml)
1 ml0.441461(E)02.04.2018
498Lignocaine (A) + Adrenaline (B)Injection 2% (A) +1 ml0.901461(E)02.04.2018
  1:200000 (5mcg/ml) (B)    
499LinezolidTablet 600 mg1 Tablet32.331461(E)02.04.2018
500LithiumTablet 300 mg1 Tablet1.431461(E)02.04.2018
501LoperamideCapsule 2 mg1 Capsule3.501461(E)02.04.2018
502LoperamideTablet 2 mg1 Tablet1.931461(E)02.04.2018
503Lopinavir (A) + Ritonavir (B)Tablet 100 mg(A) +
25 mg(B)
1 Tablet23.011461(E)02.04.2018
504Lopinavir (A) + Ritonavir (B)Tablet 200 mg(A) +
50 mg(B)
1 Tablet44.591461(E)02.04.2018
505Lorazepaminjection 2 mg/ml1 ml7.611461(E)02.04.2018
506LorazepamTablet 1 mg1 Tablet2.021461(E)02.04.2018
507LorazepamTablet 2 mg1 Tablet2.461461(E)02.04.2018
508Magnesium SulphateInjection 500 mg/ml1 ml4.671461(E)02.04.2018
509MannitolInjection 10%1 ml0.161461(E)02.04.2018
510MannitolInjection 20%1 ml0.291461(E)02.04.2018
511Measles Rubbela  Vaccine Each Pack
512Measles vaccineVaccineEach Pack
513MebendazoleOral Liquid 100
1 ml0.761461(E)02.04.2018
514MebendazoleTablet 100 mg1 Tablet2.871461(E)02.04.2018
515MedroxyprogesteroneacetateTablet 10 mg1 Tablet5.271461(E)02.04.2018
516Mefenamic acidOral Liquid 100
1 ml0.511461(E)02.04.2018
517Mefenamic acidTablet 250 mg1 Tablet1.891461(E)02.04.2018
518Mefenamic acidTablet 500 mg1 Tablet2.401461(E)02.04.2018
519MefloquineTablet 250 mg1 Tablet49.891461(E)02.04.2018
520Meglumine DiatrizoateInjection 60%w/v1 ml8.091461(E)02.04.2018
521Meglumine DiatrizoateInjection 76%w/v1 ml9.341461(E)02.04.2018
522MelphalanTablet 2 mg1 Tablet96.011461(E)02.04.2018
523MelphalanTablet 5 mg1 Tablet164.671461(E)02.04.2018
524MesnaInjection 100 mg/ml1 ml16.411461(E)02.04.2018
525MetforminImmediate Release
Tablet 500 mg
1 Tablet1.471461(E)02.04.2018
526MetforminControlled Release Tablet 1000 mg1 Tablet3.571461(E)02.04.2018
527MetforminControlled Release Tablet 500 mg1 Tablet1.871461(E)02.04.2018
528Metformincontrolled Released Tablet 750 mg1 Tablet2.351461(E)02.04.2018
529MetforminImmediate Release Tablet 1000 mg1 Tablet3.521461(E)02.04.2018
530MetforminImmediate Release Tablet 750 mg1 Tablet2.971461(E)02.04.2018
531MethotrexateInjection 25 mg/ml1 ml47.071461(E)02.04.2018
532MethotrexateInjection 50 mg/ml1 ml39.201461(E)02.04.2018
533MethotrexateTablet 10 mg1 Tablet11.891461(E)02.04.2018
534MethotrexateTablet 2.5 mg1 Tablet4.681461(E)02.04.2018
535MethotrexateTablet 7.5 mg1 Tablet11.341461(E)02.04.2018
536MethotrexateTablet 5 mg1 Tablet8.201461(E)02.04.2018
537MethyldopaTablet 250 mg1 Tablet2.391461(E)02.04.2018
538MethyldopaTablet 500 mg1 Tablet4.581461(E)02.04.2018
539MethylergometrineInjection 0.2 mg/ml1 ml13.971461(E)02.04.2018
540MethylergometrineTablet 0.125 mg1 Tablet7.751461(E)02.04.2018
541MethylprednisoloneTablet 16 mg1 Tablet8.731461(E)02.04.2018
542MethylprednisoloneTablet 8 mg1 Tablet4.991461(E)02.04.2018
543MethylprednisoloneInjection 40mg/ml1 ml52.811461(E)02.04.2018
544MetoclopramideInjection 5 mg/ml (10 ml Pack)1 ml1.391461(E)02.04.2018
545MetoclopramideInjection 5 mg/ml (2
ml Pack)
1 ml2.291461(E)02.04.2018
546MetoclopramideOral Liquid 5 mg/5ml1 ml0.431461(E)02.04.2018
547MetoclopramideTablet 10 mg1 Tablet1.141461(E)02.04.2018
548MetoprololCapsule 25 mg1 Capsule4.141461(E)02.04.2018
549MetoprololCapsule 50 mg1 Capsule6.311461(E)02.04.2018
550MetoprololSR Tablet 25 mg1 Tablet3.951461(E)02.04.2018
551MetoprololSR Tablet 50 mg1 Tablet5.651461(E)02.04.2018
552MetoprololTablet 25 mg1 Tablet3.041461(E)02.04.2018
553MetoprololTablet 50 mg1 Tablet4.611461(E)02.04.2018
554MetronidazoleInjection 500mg/100ml1 ml0.131461(E)02.04.2018
555MetronidazoleOral Liquid 200 mg/5ml1 ml0.291461(E)02.04.2018
556MetronidazoleTablet 200 mg1 Tablet0.453983(E)13.08.2018
557MetronidazoleTablet 400 mg1 Tablet0.833983(E)13.08.2018
558MidazolamInjection 1 mg/ml1 ml5.781461(E)02.04.2018
559MidazolamInjection 5 mg/ml1 ml14.201461(E)02.04.2018
560MidazolamTablet 7.5mg1 Tablet21.971461(E)02.04.2018
561MifepristoneTablet 200 mg1 Tablet314.841461(E)02.04.2018
562MisoprostolTablet 100 mcg1 Tablet8.521461(E)02.04.2018
563MisoprostolTablet 200 mcg1 Tablet16.341461(E)02.04.2018
564MorphineInjection 10 mg/ml1 ml23.241461(E)02.04.2018
565MorphineInjection 15 mg/ml1 ml29.001461(E)02.04.2018
566MorphineSR Tablet 30 mg1 Tablet5.331461(E)02.04.2018
567MorphineTablet 10 mg1 Tablet5.211461(E)02.04.2018
568MoxifloxacinTablet 400 mg1 Tablet24.791461(E)02.04.2018
569Mycophenolate mofetilTablet 250 mg1 Tablet40.631461(E)02.04.2018
570Mycophenolate mofetilTablet 500 mg1 Tablet80.381461(E)02.04.2018
571N-acetylcysteineInjection 200 mg/ml1 ml21.931461(E)02.04.2018
572N-acetylcysteineSachet 200mg1 gm8.801461(E)02.04.2018
573Naloxoneinjection 0.4 mg/ml1 ml84.901461(E)02.04.2018
574NatamycinDrops 5%1 ml22.321461(E)02.04.2018
575Neostigmineinjection 0.5 mg/ml1 ml4.261461(E)02.04.2018
576NeostigmineTablet 15 mg1 Tablet4.571461(E)02.04.2018
577NevirapineOral Liquid 50 mg/5ml1 ml0.821461(E)02.04.2018
578NevirapineTablet 200 mg1 Tablet14.011461(E)02.04.2018
579NifedipineCapsule 10 mg1 Capsule0.841461(E)02.04.2018
580NifedipineTablet 10 mg1 Tablet1.211461(E)02.04.2018
581NitrofurantoinOral Liquid 25 mg/5ml1 ml0.801461(E)02.04.2018
582NitrofurantoinTablet 100 mg1 Tablet7.081461(E)02.04.2018
583NitrofurantoinCapsule 100mg1 Capsule7.691461(E)02.04.2018
584Nitrous OxideInhalationCubic Meter228.655634(E)02.11.2018
585NoradrenalineInjection 2 mg/ml1 ml25.211461(E)02.04.2018
586NorethisteroneTablet 5 mg1 Tablet5.001461(E)02.04.2018
587OmeprazoleCapsule 10 mg1 Capsule2.071461(E)02.04.2018
588OmeprazoleCapsule 20 mg1 Capsule2.441461(E)02.04.2018
589OmeprazoleCapsule 40 mg1 Capsule4.831461(E)02.04.2018
590OmeprazolePowder for oral
Liquid 20 mg
1 gm1.201461(E)02.04.2018
591OmeprazoleTablet 10 mg1 Tablet4.341461(E)02.04.2018
592OmeprazoleTablet 20 mg1 Tablet4.821461(E)02.04.2018
593OmeprazoleTablet 40 mg1 Tablet8.161461(E)02.04.2018
594OndansetronInjection 2 mg/ml1 ml5.721461(E)02.04.2018
595OndansetronOral Liquid 2 mg/5ml1 ml1.111461(E)02.04.2018
596OndansetronTablet 4 mg1 Tablet4.601461(E)02.04.2018
597OndansetronTablet 8 mg1 Tablet9.551461(E)02.04.2018
598Oral Rehydration SaltsAs Licensed1 gm0.872399(E)12.06.2018
599Oral Rehydration SaltsAs Licensed1 ml0.141461(E)02.04.2018
600OxaliplatinInjection 100mg(as licensed)Each Pack4373.471461(E)02.04.2018
601OxaliplatinInjection 50mg(as licensed)Each Pack2543.513983(E)13.08.2018
602OxygenInhalation (Medicinal gas)Cubic Meter17.175634(E)02.11.2018
603OxytocinInjection 10 IU/ml1 ml38.551461(E)02.04.2018
604OxytocinInjection 5IU/ml1 ml17.271461(E)02.04.2018
605PaclitaxelInjection 100
mg/16.7 ml
1 ml218.411461(E)02.04.2018
606PaclitaxelInjection 30 mg/ 5ml1 ml218.411461(E)02.04.2018
607PantoprazoleInjection 40 mgEach Pack43.571461(E)02.04.2018
608Para-aminosalicylic acidGranules (As
1 gm2.781461(E)02.04.2018
609ParacetamolOral Liquid 100
1 ml0.501461(E)02.04.2018
610ParacetamolOral Liquid 120
1 ml0.521461(E)02.04.2018
611ParacetamolOral Liquid 125
1 ml0.331461(E)02.04.2018
612ParacetamolOral Liquid 150
1 ml0.571461(E)02.04.2018
613ParacetamolOral Liquid 250
1 ml0.591461(E)02.04.2018
614ParacetamolOral Liquid 500
1 ml0.631461(E)02.04.2018
615ParacetamolOral Liquid 650
1 ml0.511461(E)02.04.2018
616ParacetamolTablet 500 mg1 Tablet0.891461(E)02.04.2018
617ParacetamolTablet 650 mg1 Tablet1.801461(E)02.04.2018
618ParacetamolInjection 150 mg/mlEach Pack ( 0.5 ml)3.001461(E)02.04.2018
619ParacetamolInjection 150 mg/mlEach Pack (1
620ParacetamolInjection 150 mg/mlEach Pack (2 ml)6.311461(E)02.04.2018
621ParacetamolInjection 150 mg/mlEach Pack (3
622ParacetamolInjection 150 mg/mlEach Pack (4
623ParacetamolInjection 150 mg/mlEach Pack (5
624ParacetamolInjection 150 mg/mlEach Pack (7
625ParacetamolSuppository 170 mgEach Suppository7.531461(E)02.04.2018
626ParacetamolSuppository 80 mgEach Suppository6.371461(E)02.04.2018
627Paracetamol Oral Liquid100 mg/ml (pediatric)1 ml1.585633(E)02.11.2018
628Pegylated interferon alfa 2aInjection 180mcgEach Pack7743.811461(E)02.04.2018
629Pegylated interferon alfa 2bInjection 100mcgEach Pack15310.451461(E)02.04.2018
630Pegylated interferon alfa 2bInjection 120mcgEach Pack14258.361461(E)02.04.2018
631Pegylated interferon alfa 2bInjection 80mcgEach Pack12240.271461(E)02.04.2018
632PenicillamineCapsule 250 mg1 Capsule14.551461(E)02.04.2018
633PermethrinCream 1%1 gm1.571461(E)02.04.2018
634PermethrinCream 5%1 gm1.701461(E)02.04.2018
635PermethrinGel 5%1 gm1.431461(E)02.04.2018
636PermethrinLotion 1%1 gm0.891461(E)02.04.2018
637PermethrinLotion 5%1 ml0.951461(E)02.04.2018
638PheniramineInjection 22.75 mg/ml (2ml)1 ml1.491461(E)02.04.2018
639PheniramineInjection 22.75 mg/ml(10ml)1 ml1.111461(E)02.04.2018
640PhenobarbitoneInjection 200 mg/ml1 ml18.761461(E)02.04.2018
641PhenobarbitoneTablet 30 mg1 Tablet1.201461(E)02.04.2018
642PhenobarbitoneTablet 60 mg1 Tablet1.731461(E)02.04.2018
643PhenobarbitoneOral liquid 20 mg/5 ml1 ml0.431461(E)02.04.2018
644PhenylephrineDrop 10%1 ml7.911461(E)02.04.2018
645PhenylephrineDrops 5%1 ml3.651461(E)02.04.2018
646PhenytoinCapsule 100 mg1 Capsule1.491461(E)02.04.2018
647PhenytoinCapsule 300 mg1 Capsule3.731461(E)02.04.2018
648PhenytoinERCapsule 300 mg1 Capsule3.731461(E)02.04.2018
649Phenytoininjection 25 mg/ml1 ml2.461461(E)02.04.2018
650PhenytoinInjection 50 mg/ml1 ml5.261461(E)02.04.2018
651PhenytoinOral Liquid 125 mg/5ml1 ml0.881461(E)02.04.2018
652PhenytoinOral Liquid 30 mg/5ml1 ml0.301768(E)26.04.2018
653PhenytoinER Tablet 300 mg1 Tablet5.681461(E)02.04.2018
654PhenytoinTablet 100 mg1 Tablet1.521461(E)02.04.2018
655PhenytoinTablet 300 mg1 Tablet4.641461(E)02.04.2018
656PhenytoinTablet 50 mg1 Tablet0.731461(E)02.04.2018
657Phytomenadione (Vitamin K1)Injection 10mg/ml1 ml46.861461(E)02.04.2018
658Phytomenadione (Vitamin K1)Tablet 10mg1 Tablet14.215633(E)02.11.2018
659PilocarpineDrops 2%1 ml9.891461(E)02.04.2018
660PilocarpineDrops 4%1 ml11.431461(E)02.04.2018
661Piperacillin (A) + Tazobactam (B)Powder for Injection
1 g (A) + 125 mg(B)
Each Pack86.511461(E)02.04.2018
662Piperacillin (A) + Tazobactam (B)Powder for Injection
2 g (A) + 250 mg(B)
Each Pack204.651461(E)02.04.2018
663Piperacillin (A) + Tazobactam (B)Powder for Injection
4 g (A) + 500 mg(B)
Each Pack429.901461(E)02.04.2018
664Potassium chlorideInjection 150 mg/ml1 ml2.381461(E)02.04.2018
665Potassium chlorideOral Liquid 500 mg/5ml1 ml0.281461(E)02.04.2018
666Potassium permanganateCrystals for topical solution1 gm0.431461(E)02.04.2018
667Povidone iodineSolution 4%1 ml1.701461(E)02.04.2018
668Povidone iodineSolution 7.5%1 ml0.761461(E)02.04.2018
669Povidone IodineSolution 10%1 ml0.916252(E)21.12.2018
670Povidone IodineSolution 5%1 ml0.381461(E)02.04.2018
671Pralidoxime chloride (2-PAM)Injection 25 mg/ml1 ml3.651461(E)02.04.2018
672PrednisoloneDrops 1%1 ml3.281461(E)02.04.2018
673PrednisoloneInjection 20 mg/2ml1 ml3.501461(E)02.04.2018
674PrednisoloneOral Liquid 15 mg/ 5ml1 ml0.741461(E)02.04.2018
675PrednisoloneOral Liquid 5 mg/ 5ml1 ml0.421461(E)02.04.2018
676PrednisoloneTablet 10 mg1 Tablet0.951461(E)02.04.2018
677PrednisoloneTablet 20 mg1 Tablet1.911461(E)02.04.2018
678PrednisoloneTablet 40 mg1 Tablet2.751461(E)02.04.2018
679PrednisoloneTablet 5 mg1 Tablet0.551461(E)02.04.2018
680Premix Insulin 30:70 Injection (Regular:NPH)Injection 40 IU /ml1 ml14.731461(E)02.04.2018
681Prilocaine (A) + Lignocaine (B)Cream 2.5% (A) +
2.5% (B )
1 gm20.011461(E)02.04.2018
682PrimaquineTablet 15 mg1 Tablet4.481461(E)02.04.2018
683PrimaquineTablet 2.5 mg1 Tablet1.521461(E)02.04.2018
684PrimaquineTablet 7.5 mg1 Tablet2.071461(E)02.04.2018
685ProcarbazineCapsule 50 mg1 Capsule33.831461(E)02.04.2018
686ProcarbazineTablet 50 mg1 Tablet46.101461(E)02.04.2018
687ProparacaineDrops 0.5%1 ml9.761461(E)02.04.2018
688PropofolInjection 10 mg/ml1 ml7.071461(E)02.04.2018
689PropranololCapsule 40 mg1 Capsule3.721461(E)02.04.2018
690PropranololCapsule 80 mg1 Capsule5.651461(E)02.04.2018
691PropranololTablet 10 mg1 Tablet1.141461(E)02.04.2018
692PropranololTablet 40 mg1 Tablet2.701461(E)02.04.2018
693PropranololTablet 80 mg1 Tablet4.891461(E)02.04.2018
694ProtamineInjection 10 mg/ml1 ml9.051461(E)02.04.2018
695PyrazinamideOral Liquid 250 mg/5ml1 ml0.601461(E)02.04.2018
696PyrazinamideTablet 1000 mg1 Tablet9.231461(E)02.04.2018
697PyrazinamideTablet 1500 mg1 Tablet10.221461(E)02.04.2018
698PyrazinamideTablet 500 mg1 Tablet4.141461(E)02.04.2018
699PyrazinamideTablet 750 mg1 Tablet6.301461(E)02.04.2018
700PyridoxineTablet 100 mg1 Tablet5.471461(E)02.04.2018
701PyridoxineTablet 10mg1 Tablet0.111461(E)02.04.2018
702QuinineInjection 300 mg/ml1 ml9.951461(E)02.04.2018
703QuinineTablet 300 mg1 Tablet5.601461(E)02.04.2018
704Rabies Vaccine Each Pack334.421461(E)02.04.2018
705RaltegravirTablet 400 mg1 Tablet153.151461(E)02.04.2018
706RamiprilCapsule 2.5 mg1 Capsule4.631461(E)02.04.2018
707RamiprilCapsule 5 mg1 Capsule7.231461(E)02.04.2018
708RamiprilTablet 2.5 mg1 Tablet4.871461(E)02.04.2018
709RamiprilTablet 5 mg1 Tablet7.671461(E)02.04.2018
710RanitidineOral Liquid 75
1 ml0.713983(E)13.08.2018
711RanitidineTablet 150 mg1 Tablet0.721461(E)02.04.2018
712RanitidineInjection 25mg/ml1 ml1.581461(E)02.04.2018
713RibavirinCapsule 200 mg1 Capsule81.861461(E)02.04.2018
714RifabutinCapsule 150mg1 Capsule38.821461(E)02.04.2018
715RifabutinTablet 150mg1 Tablet36.251461(E)02.04.2018
716RifampicinCapsule 150 mg1 Capsule1.961461(E)02.04.2018
717RifampicinCapsule 300 mg1 Capsule3.721461(E)02.04.2018
718RifampicinCapsule 450 mg1 Capsule4.831461(E)02.04.2018
719RifampicinCapsule 600 mg1 Capsule11.351461(E)02.04.2018
720RifampicinOral Liquid 100 mg/5ml1 ml0.381461(E)02.04.2018
721RifampicinTablet 150 mg1 Tablet1.581461(E)02.04.2018
722RifampicinTablet 300 mg1 Tablet2.871461(E)02.04.2018
723Ringer LactateInjection 1000mlEach Pack78.061461(E)02.04.2018
724Ringer LactateInjection 100mlEach Pack20.441461(E)02.04.2018
725Ringer LactateInjection 250mlEach Pack34.851461(E)02.04.2018
726Ringer LactateInjection 500mlEach Pack44.411461(E)02.04.2018
727RisperidoneOral Liquid 1 mg/ml1 ml1.891461(E)02.04.2018
728RisperidoneTablet 1 mg1 Tablet3.011461(E)02.04.2018
729RisperidoneTablet 2 mg1 Tablet4.821461(E)02.04.2018
730RisperidoneTablet 4 mg1 Tablet9.791461(E)02.04.2018
731RitonavirCapsule 100 mg1 Capsule27.621461(E)02.04.2018
732RitonavirTablet 100 mg1 Tablet28.401461(E)02.04.2018
733RituximabInjection 10 mg/ml1 ml742.271461(E)02.04.2018
734SalbutamolCapsule 4 mg1 Capsule0.591461(E)02.04.2018
735SalbutamolInhalation (MDI/DPI) 100 mcg/dose1 Dose0.391461(E)02.04.2018
736SalbutamolOral Liquid 2 mg/5ml1 ml0.151461(E)02.04.2018
737SalbutamolRespirator solution for use in Nebulizer 5
1 ml0.691461(E)02.04.2018
738SalbutamolTablet 2 mg1 Tablet0.161461(E)02.04.2018
739SalbutamolTablet 4 mg1 Tablet0.181461(E)02.04.2018
740Salicylic acidOintment 6%1 gm1.761461(E)02.04.2018
741SevofluraneInhalation1 ml29.273983(E)13.08.2018
742Silver SulphadiazineCream 1%1 gm0.291461(E)02.04.2018
743Snake venom antiserum- Lyophilized polyvalentPowder for Injection10 ml Pack545.311461(E)02.04.2018
744Snake Venom Antiserum-Soluble/ Liquid PolyvalentInjectionEach Pack (10 ML)423.471461(E)02.04.2018
745Sodium BicarbonateInjection 7.5%1 ml1.371461(E)02.04.2018
746Sodium BicarbonateInjection 8.4%1 ml1.261461(E)02.04.2018
747Sodium ChlorideInjection 0.9%1000ml Glass58.081461(E)02.04.2018
748Sodium ChlorideInjection 0.9%1000ml Non- Glass45.811461(E)02.04.2018
749Sodium ChlorideInjection 0.9%100ml Glass17.181461(E)02.04.2018
750Sodium ChlorideInjection 0.9%100ml Non-
751Sodium ChlorideInjection 0.9%250ml Glass23.161461(E)02.04.2018
752Sodium ChlorideInjection 0.9%250ml Non- Glass20.801461(E)02.04.2018
753Sodium ChlorideInjection 0.9%500ml Glass32.201461(E)02.04.2018
754Sodium ChlorideInjection 0.9%500ml Non- Glass27.411461(E)02.04.2018
755Sodium NitroprussideInjection 10 mg/ml1 ml25.261461(E)02.04.2018
756Sodium ValproateInjection 100 mg/ml1 ml5.641461(E)02.04.2018
757Sodium ValproateOral Liquid 200 mg/5ml1 ml0.571461(E)02.04.2018
758Sodium ValproateCR Tablets 300mg1 Tablet6.161461(E)02.04.2018
759Sodium ValproateCR Tablets 500mg1 Tablet9.541461(E)02.04.2018
760Sodium ValproateTablet 200 mg1 Tablet3.031461(E)02.04.2018
761Sodium ValproateTablet 300 mg1 Tablet3.891461(E)02.04.2018
762Sodium ValproateTablet 500 mg1 Tablet6.791461(E)02.04.2018
763SofosbuvirTablet 400 mg1 Tablet653.211461(E)02.04.2018
764SomatostatinPowder for Injection
3 mg
Each pack1550.941461(E)02.04.2018
765SpironolactoneTablet 25 mg1 Tablet1.871461(E)02.04.2018
766SpironolactoneTablet 50 mg1 Tablet3.721461(E)02.04.2018
767Stavudine (A) + Lamivudine (B)Tablet 30 mg(A) +150 mg(B)1 Tablet9.341461(E)02.04.2018
768StreptokinaseInjection 15,00,000
Each Pack1751.761461(E)02.04.2018
769StreptokinaseInjection 7,50,000 IUEach Pack1232.061461(E)02.04.2018
770StreptomycinPowder for Injection
750 mg
Each Pack8.591461(E)02.04.2018
771StreptomycinPowder for Injection 1 gmEach Pack10.211461(E)02.04.2018
772Succinyl CholineInjection 50 mg/ml1 ml4.731461(E)02.04.2018
773SucralfateOral Liquid 1 g1 ml0.691461(E)02.04.2018
774SulfasalazineTablet 500 mg1 Tablet3.901461(E)02.04.2018
775SumatriptanTablet 25mg1 Tablet32.581461(E)02.04.2018
776SumatriptanTablet 50mg1 Tablet50.431461(E)02.04.2018
777SurfactantSuspension for intratracheal instillation (As
Per mg of Phospholipids in the pack65.461461(E)02.04.2018
778TacrolimusCapsule 0.5 mg1 Capsule21.641461(E)02.04.2018
779TacrolimusCapsule 1 mg1 Capsule38.231461(E)02.04.2018
780TacrolimusCapsule 2 mg1 Capsule74.891461(E)02.04.2018
781TamoxifenTablet 10 mg1 Tablet2.521461(E)02.04.2018
782TamoxifenTablet 20 mg1 Tablet2.851461(E)02.04.2018
783TelmisartanTablet 20 mg1 Tablet3.571461(E)02.04.2018
784TelmisartanTablet 40 mg1 Tablet6.451461(E)02.04.2018
785TelmisartanTablet 80 mg1 Tablet9.831461(E)02.04.2018
786TemozolomideCapsule 100 mg1 Capsule2039.101461(E)02.04.2018
787TemozolomideCapsule 20 mg1 Capsule583.681461(E)02.04.2018
788TemozolomideCapsule 250 mg1 Capsule4586.311461(E)02.04.2018
789TemozolomideTablet 100 mg1 Tablet1513.591461(E)02.04.2018
790TemozolomideTablet 20 mg1 Tablet366.711461(E)02.04.2018
791TemozolomideTablet 250 mg1 Tablet3746.291461(E)02.04.2018
792TenofovirTablet 300 mg1 Tablet46.181461(E)02.04.2018
793Tenofovir (A) + Lamivudine (B)Tablet 300 mg(A) +
300 mg(B)
1 Tablet43.931461(E)02.04.2018
794Tenofovir (A) + Lamivudine (B) + Efavirenz (C)Tablet 300 mg(A) + 300 mg(B) + 600
1 Tablet100.871461(E)02.04.2018
795Tetanus ToxoidInjectionEach Pack (0.5ml)10.375727(E)13.11.2018
796Tetanus ToxoidInjectionEach Pack (5 ml)22.345727(E)13.11.2018
797ThalidomideCapsule 100 mg1 Capsule59.791461(E)02.04.2018
798ThalidomideCapsule 50 mg1 Capsule34.541461(E)02.04.2018
799ThiamineInjection 100 mg/ml1 ml24.271461(E)02.04.2018
800ThiamineTablet 100 mg1 Tablet3.671461(E)02.04.2018
801ThiopentonePowder for Injection
0.5 gm
Each Pack39.861461(E)02.04.2018
802ThiopentonePowder for Injection 1 gmEach Pack48.371461(E)02.04.2018
803TimololDrops 0.25%1 ml5.051461(E)02.04.2018
804TimololDrops 0.5%1 ml11.671461(E)02.04.2018
805TiotropiumInhalation (MDI) 9 mcg/dosePer Metered Dose2.171028(E)26.02.2019
806TiotropiumInhalation (DPI) 18 mcg/dosePer Dose9.091028(E)26.02.2019
807TramadolCapsule 50 mg1 Capsule4.421461(E)02.04.2018
808TramadolInjection 50 mg/ml
(20 ml Pack)
1 ml1.221461(E)02.04.2018
809TramadolInjection 50 mg/ml
(upto 2 ml Pack)
1 ml10.251461(E)02.04.2018
810TramadolTablet 100 mg1 Tablet19.251461(E)02.04.2018
811TramadolTablet 50 mg1 Tablet7.891461(E)02.04.2018
812TramadolCapsule 100 mg1 Capsule9.391461(E)02.04.2018
813Tranexamic acidInjection 100 mg/ml1 ml14.621461(E)02.04.2018
814Tranexamic acidTablet 500 mg1 Tablet17.001461(E)02.04.2018
815TrastuzumabInjection 440 mg/50 mlEach Pack58867.501461(E)02.04.2018
816TrihexyphenidylTablet 2 mg1 Tablet1.191461(E)02.04.2018
817TropicamideEye Drop 1%1 ml9.841461(E)02.04.2018
818VancomycinPowder for Injection 1 gmEach Pack465.741461(E)02.04.2018
819VancomycinPowder for InjectionEach Pack217.001461(E)02.04.2018
  250 mg    
820VancomycinPowder for Injection 500 mgEach Pack280.131461(E)02.04.2018
821VecuroniumPowder for Injection
10 mg
Each Pack185.031461(E)02.04.2018
822VecuroniumPowder for Injection
4 mg
Each Pack89.301461(E)02.04.2018
823VerapamilInjection 2.5 mg/ml1 ml1.141461(E)02.04.2018
824VerapamilTablet 40 mg1 Tablet0.731461(E)02.04.2018
825VerapamilTablet 80 mg1 Tablet1.361461(E)02.04.2018
826VinblastineInjection 1mg/ml1 ml20.081461(E)02.04.2018
827VincristineInjection 1 mg/ml1 ml51.001461(E)02.04.2018
828Vitamin ACapsule 50000 IU1 Capsule0.541461(E)02.04.2018
829Vitamin AInjection 50000 IU/ml1 ml1.871461(E)02.04.2018
830Vitamin ATablet 50000 IU1 Tablet0.691461(E)02.04.2018
831WarfarinTablet 1 mg1 Tablet2.371461(E)02.04.2018
832WarfarinTablet 2 mg1 Tablet2.611461(E)02.04.2018
833WarfarinTablet 3 mg1 Tablet3.051461(E)02.04.2018
834WarfarinTablet 5 mg1 Tablet2.311461(E)02.04.2018
835Water for InjectionInjectionEach Pack (10
836Water for InjectionInjectionEach Pack (5 ml)2.201461(E)02.04.2018
837White PetrolatumJelly 100%1 gm0.091461(E)02.04.2018
838XylometazolineNasal Drops 0.05%1 ml3.851461(E)02.04.2018
839XylometazolineNasal Drops 0.1%1 ml5.091461(E)02.04.2018
840ZidovudineCapsule 300 mg1 Capsule2.021461(E)02.04.2018
841ZidovudineTablet 300 mg1 Tablet13.951461(E)02.04.2018
842Zidovudine (A) + Lamivudine (B) + Nevirapine (C)Tablet 300 mg(A) + 150 mg(B) + 200
1 Tablet19.721461(E)02.04.2018
843Zinc sulphateDispersible Tablet
1 Tablet3.071461(E)02.04.2018
844Zoledronic AcidPowder for Injection
4 mg
Each Pack4111.381461(E)02.04.2018
845ZolpidemCapsule 5 mg1 Capsule7.191461(E)02.04.2018
846ZolpidemTablet 10 mg1 Tablet8.261461(E)02.04.2018
847ZolpidemTablet 5 mg1 Tablet5.271461(E)02.04.2018

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Notes:- (a) The ceiling prices are applicable with effect from 01.4.2019 (ceiling prices are inclusive of Wholesale Price Index (WPI) @4.2662% for the year 2018 over 2017).

(b) In respect of formulation where pack wise ceiling price is notified, for any other pack size manufactured, the manufacturer shall approach NPPA under para 11(3) of DPCO, 2013 for specific price approval for its formulations along with the relevant market data duly authenticated for fixation of the ceiling price. The formulation of Sodium Valproate includes a combination of Sodium Valproate and Valproic Acid both together corresponding to Sodium Valproate of the stated strength.

(c) In respect of any other scheduled formulation, for which ceiling price is not mentioned above, the manufacturer shall approach NPPA for specific price approval for its formulations along with the relevant market data duly authenticated for fixation of the ceiling price.

(d) All manufacturers of scheduled formulations, selling branded or generic or both the versions of scheduled formulations at price higher than the ceiling price (plus goods and services taxes as applicable) so fixed and notified by the Government, shall revise the prices of all such formulations downward not exceeding the ceiling price specified in column (5) in the above table plus goods and services taxes as applicable, if any.

(e) All the existing manufacturers of above mentioned scheduled formulations having MRP lower than the ceiling price specified in column (5) in the above table (plus goods and services taxes as applicable, if any), may revise the existing MRP of their formulations, on the basis of WPI @ 4.2662% for the year 2018 in accordance with paragraph 16(2) of DPCO, 2013, read with para 13(2) of DPCO, 2013.

(f) The manufacturers may add goods and services taxes only if they have paid actually or if it is payable to the Government on the ceiling price mentioned in column (5) of the above-said table. (g) The ceiling price for a pack of the scheduled formulation shall be arrived at by the concerned manufacturer in accordance with the ceiling price specified in column (5) of the above table as per provisions contained in paragraph 11 of the Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 2013. The manufacturer shall issue a price list in Form–V from date of Notification as per paragraph 24 of the DPCO, 2013 to NPPA through IPDMS, and submit a copy to State Drug Controller and dealers.

(h) As per para 24(4) of DPCO 2013, every retailer and dealer shall display the price list and the supplementary price list, if any, as furnished by the manufacturer, on a conspicuous part of the premises where he carries on business in a manner so as to be easily accessible to any person wishing to consult the same.

(i) Where an existing manufacturer of scheduled formulation with dosage or strength or both as specified in the above table launches a new drug as per paragraph 2 (u) of the DPCO, 2013 such existing manufacturer shall apply for prior price approval of such new drug to NPPA in Form I as specified under Schedule-II of the DPCO, 2013.

(j) The manufacturers of the above said scheduled formulations shall furnish a quarterly return to NPPA, in respect of production/import and sale of scheduled formulations in Form-III of Schedule-II of the DPCO, 2013 through IPDMS. Any manufacturer intending to discontinue production of the above said scheduled formulation shall furnish information to NPPA, in respect of discontinuation of production and/or import of scheduled formulation in Form-IV of Schedule-II of the DPCO, 2013 at least six months prior to the intended date of discontinuation.

(k) The manufacturers not complying with the ceiling price and notes specified hereinabove shall be liable to deposit the overcharged amount along with interest thereon under the provisions of the Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 2013 read with Essential Commodities Act, 1955.

(l) Consequent to the issue of ceiling prices of such formulations as specified in column (2) of the above table in this notification, the price order(s) fixing ceiling or retail price, if any, issued prior to the above said date of notification, stand(s) superseded.  PN/197/65/2019/F F. No. 8(65)/2019/D.P./NPPA-Div.-II (Prasenjit Das)  Assistant Director

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DPCO price of Cefixime 200 mg tablet?

According to S.O. 1461(E) Dated 02.04.2018 DPCO price of Cefixime 200 mg tablet is Rs. 9.39/- per tablet.

What is the DPCO price of Amoxicillin/Amoxycillin capsule 250mg?

According to S.O. 1461(E) Dated 02.04.2018 DPCO price of Amoxycillin capsule 250mg is Rs. 2.16/- per capsule.

Ciprofloxacin tablet 500mg DPCO price?

According to S.O. 1461(E) Dated 02.04.2018 DPCO price of Ciprofloxacin tablet 500mg is Rs. 3.57 per tablet

What is the DPCO price of Paracetamol 650mg tablet?

According to S.O. 1461(E) Dated 02.04.2018 DPCO price of Paracetamol tablet 650mg is Rs. 1.8 per tablet, Local taxes extra.

What is the NPPA price for Ibuprofen 400mg tablet?

According to S.O. 1461(E) Dated 02.04.2018 DPCO price of Ibuprofen tablet 400mg is Rs. 0.68 per tablet, IGST extra.

What is the DPCO price of Levofloxacin Tablet 750mg?

According to S.O. 1461(E) Dated 02.04.2018 DPCO price of Levofloxacin tablet 750 mg is Rs. 10.70 per tablet, local taxes extra.

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