Color Codes for the Gas Cylinders in Pharmaceuticals

Gas cylinders are commonly utilized in the pharmaceutical business. Knowing the color codes is vital because most gas cylinders do not have any written information about their contents. Color codes are used for safety and to prevent handling mistakes. Color codes for the gas cylinders in the pharmaceuticals industry are very important and practical.

The different gases have their own color designations. Gas cylinders can be colored in one or more colors depending on the type of gas inside. The shoulder is the upper curved part of the cylinder, and the body is the bottom curved part. US-FDA also issued a guideline for gas cylinders color coding for the pharmaceutical industry.

Different color combinations of shoulder and body cylinders are utilized for different gases. Color codes of gas cylinders may differ from country to country.

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The following table shows the general concept for the coding of gas cylinders:

SR. No.Gas TypeShoulder ColorBody Color
2AmmoniaRed Yellow & Black
3Carbon DioxideSilverBlack

Role of colors according to gas nature

The hazard is shown by the color of the gas cylinder, not by the filled gas. Yellow gas cylinders contain poisonous and corrosive gases, whilst red gas cylinders contain combustible gases. Inert gas cylinders usually remain brilliant green, while oxidizing gas cylinders are always of light blue color.


Color codes for the gas cylinders in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry are very crucial identifications. It helps workers and operators to identify the nature of gas by watching the cylinder colors. The code system not only minimizes the chances of the accident but also ease the handling of cylinders in the industry.

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