Latest NPPA price list 2023: Current DPCO list download PDF

Darshan Singh

Complete DPCO List 2023

NPPA issued an Office Memorandum in the context of the WPI impact on pharmaceutical product prices, The movement in the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) preceding the calendar year 2022 over the year 2021. NPPA decided to implement the annual change in WPI which works out as 12.1218% during the calendar year 2022 over the previous year, the change in prices will be effective on the current ceiling prices of medicines. 

UPDATE: NPPA has fixed the Ceiling price of 2 scheduled formulations under Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 2013 (NLEM 2022) based on the decision of the 114th Authority meeting dated 19.06.2023, Read more.

Latest NPPA price list 2023: Current DPCO list download PDF

NPPA list  2022 Effective from 01.04.2022 to 31.03.2023 

Latest NPPA price list 2023: DPCO list of 900 items in PDF

According to NPPA official orders S.O. 1577(E), S.O. 1578(E) & S.O. 1579(E)::- In exercise of the powers conferred by paragraphs 4, 6, 10, 11, 14, 16, 17 and 18 of the Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 2013, read with S.O. 1394(E) dated 30th May, 2013 and S.O. 5249(E) dated 11th November, 2022 issued by the Government of India the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers and in supersession of the Order of the Government of India in the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers (National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority) S.O. No.1499(E) dated 30thMarch, 2022in so far as it relates to formulation packs mentioned in the table below, except in respect of things done or omitted to be done before such supersession, the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (hereinafter referred as NPPA) hereby fixes the ceiling prices exclusive of goods and services tax applicable, if any, as specified in column (5) and increased by Wholesale Price Index (WPI) of 12.1218% under para 16 (1) of DPCO 2013, with effect from 1.04.2023 as specified in column (6) of the table in respect of the Scheduled formulations specified in the corresponding entry in column (2) of the said Table with the dosage form & strength and unit specified respectively in the corresponding entries in columns (3) and (4) thereof: 

The NPPA issued different orders on different dates, and we compiled all the orders in a consolidated list. Details of different orders are given below:
  1. Revised ceiling price (WPI adjusted) of 233 scheduled formulations of Schedule-I (NLEM 2015) under Drugs (Prices Control) Order,2013, Here
  2. Revised ceiling price (WPI adjusted) of 476 scheduled formulations of Schedule-I (NLEM 2022) under Drugs (Prices Control) Order,2013; Here
  3. NPPA has fixed and revised the ceiling price of 127 scheduled formulations under Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 2013 (NLEM 2022) based on the decision of the 111th Authority meeting dated 29.03.2023, HERE
  4. NPPA has fixed and revised the ceiling price of 15 scheduled formulations under the Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 2013 (NLEM 2022) based on the decision of the 111th Authority meeting dated 29.03.2023. Here
  5. NPPA has fixed and revised the ceiling price of 27 scheduled formulations under Para 19 of Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 2013 (NLEM 2022) based on the decision of the 111th Authority meeting dated 29.03.2023. Here
  6. NPPA has fixed and revised the ceiling price of 01 scheduled formulations under Para 19 of Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 2013 (NLEM 2022) based on the decision of the 113th Authority meeting dated 26.05.2023. Orders
  7. NPPA has fixed the Ceiling price of 2 scheduled formulations under the Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 2013 (NLEM 2022) based on the decision of the 113th Authority meeting dated 26.05.2023.Orders
  8. NPPA has revised the Ceiling price of 15 scheduled formulations under the Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 2013 (NLEM 2022) based on the decision of the 113th Authority meeting dated 26.05.2023. Orders

The list of items covered under WPI increased by 12.1218%

MedicinesDosage Form and StrengthCeiling price (wef 1.4.2023 with WPI @ 12.1218%)
5-aminosalicylic AcidSuppository 500 mg Retention Enema21.04
5-aminosalicylic AcidTablet 400 mg9.3
5-FluorouracilInjection 250 mg/5 ml2.9
Abacavir (A) + Lamivudine (B)Tablet 60 mg(A) + 30 mg(B)25
Acetylsalicylic acidEffervescent/ Dispersible/ Enteric coated Tablet 100 mg0.22
Acetylsalicylic acidTablet 100 mg0.21
Acetylsalicylic acidTablet 150 mg0.5
Acetylsalicylic acidTablet 325mg0.68
Acetylsalicylic acidTablet 350mg0.38
Acetylsalicylic acidTablet 75 mg0.38
All-trans Retinoic AcidCapsule 10 mg101.84
Amphotericin B (Lipid)Powder for Injection 50 mg3990.4
Amphotericin B (Liposomal)Powder for Injection 50 mg9294.89
AmpicillinPowder for Injection 1 gm26.56
Anti-D immunoglobulinInjection 300mcg2657.32
Anti-D ImmunoglobulinInjection 150mcg2071.29
Anti-rabies immunoglobulinInjection 150 IU/ml3453.86
Anti-rabies immunoglobulinInjection 300 IU/ml121.76
Anti-tetanus immunoglobulin250IU1383.49
Arsenic TrioxideInjection 1mg/ml67.59
Artesunate (A) + Sulphadoxine - Pyrimethamine (B)Tablet 100 mg(A) + 1 Tablet (750 mg+ 37.5 mg) (B)36.71
Artesunate (A) + Sulphadoxine - Pyrimethamine (B)Tablet 150 mg(A) + 2 Tablet (500 mg+ 25 mg) (B)49.84
Artesunate (A) + Sulphadoxine - Pyrimethamine (B)Tablet 200 mg(A) + 2 Tablet (750 mg+ 37.5 mg) (B)45.45
Artesunate (A) + Sulphadoxine - Pyrimethamine (B)Tablet 25 mg(A) + 1 Tablet (250 mg+ 12.5 mg) (B)24.47
AzithromycinCapsule 500 mg20.64
BCG vaccine11.12
Benzathine benzylpenicillinPowder for Injection 12 lac units22.7
Benzathine benzylpenicillinPowder for Injection 6 lac units15.01
Benzoyl PeroxideCream 2.5%2.9
BenzylpenicillinPowder for Injection 10 Lac Units9.7
BetamethasoneGel 0.05%0.66
BetamethasoneLotion 0.1%1.02
BetamethasoneLotion 0.5%0.66
BudesonideNasal Spray 100 mcg/dose1.13
BudesonideNasal Spray 50 mcg/dose1.26
BudesonideInhalation (MDI) 100 mcg/dose1.58
BudesonideInhalation (MDI) 200 mcg/dose2.19
BudesonideInhalation (DPI) 100 mcg/dose2.48
BudesonideInhalation (DPI) 200 mcg/dose3.59
Budesonide (A)+ Formoterol (B)Inhalation (MDI) 100 mcg (A) + 6 mcg (B)2.34
Budesonide (A)+ Formoterol (B)Inhalation (MDI) 200 mcg (A) + 6 mcg (B)3.33
Budesonide (A)+ Formoterol (B)Inhalation (MDI) 400 mcg (A) + 6 mcg (B)3.8
Budesonide (A)+ Formoterol (B)Inhalation (DPI) 100 mcg (A) + 6 mcg (B)4.72
Budesonide (A)+ Formoterol (B)Inhalation (DPI) 200 mcg (A) + 6 mcg (B)6.26
Budesonide (A)+ Formoterol (B)Inhalation (DPI) 400 mcg (A) + 6 mcg (B)8
Calcium CarbonateTablet 500mg2.15
Calcium gluconateInjection 100 mg/ml0.68
CefadroxilCapsule 500 mg8.9
CefazolinPowder for Injection 1 gm30.56
CefazolinPowder for Injection 500 mg19.37
CefiximeCapsule 400 mg36.4
CetirizineCapsule 10 mg2.96
ChlorambucilTablet 2 mg45.94
ChlorambucilTablet 5 mg103.25
ChlorhexidineSolution 5% (Concentrate for dilution)0.19
ClofazimineCapsule 100 mg4.61
ClofazimineCapsule 50 mg2.7
ClomipheneCapsule 100 mg69.3
ClomipheneCapsule 50 mg38.11
CloxacillinCapsule 250mg1.41
CloxacillinCapsule 500mg2.37
CloxacillinTablet 250mg2.15
CloxacillinPowder for Injection250mg5.52
Coagulation factor IXPowder for Injection 600 IU15338.91
Coagulation factor VIIIPowder for Injection 250 IU4649.89
Coagulation factor VIIIPowder for Injection 500 IU11410.5
Co-trimoxazole (Sulphamethoxazole (A)+Trimethoprim (B)]Tablet 800 mg(A)+160 mg(B)2.52
CyclosporineInjection 50 mg/ml335.78
DapsoneTablet 100 mg0.44
DaunarubicinPowder for I.V. Injection 20 mg (5 mg/ml)302.74
DesferrioxaminePowder for Injection 500mg200.19
DexamethasoneInjection 4 mg/ml11.6
Dextran-40Injection 10%1.05
DiazepamOral Liquid 2 mg/5ml3.39
DiclofenacCapsule 50 mg0.76
DicyclomineOral Solution 10mg/5ml0.2
DicyclomineTablet 10mg0.13
DinoprostoneTablet 0.5mg62.3
Diphtheria antitoxin10000 IU1631.6
DPT vaccine17.63
EfavirenzCapsule 200 mg29.97
EfavirenzCapsule 600 mg78.09
Ethyl Alcohol (Denatured)Solution 70%0.52
FentanylInjection 50mcg/ml28.26
Ferrous Salt (A) + Folic Acid (B)Tablet 100mg elemental iron (A) + 500mcg (B)0.28
FluconazoleOral Liquid 50mg/5ml3.25
FluconazoleCapsule 100 mg31.46
FluoxetineTablet 10 mg3.1
FluoxetineTablet 20 mg4.93
FluoxetineTablet 40 mg6.64
FluoxetineTablet 60 mg9.21
Folic AcidCapsule 5 mg7.01
GadobenateInjection 529 mg/ml135.67
GentamicinInjection 40 mg/ml10.48
GlucoseInjection 50%0.6
GlucoseInjection 5%79.95
GlucoseInjection 5%64.54
GlucoseInjection 5%22.44
GlucoseInjection 5%20.31
GlucoseInjection 5%31.01
GlucoseInjection 5%28.01
GlucoseInjection 5%44.01
GlucoseInjection 5%37.97
GlucoseInjection 10%32.15
GlucoseInjection 10%34.97
Glucose (A) + Sodium Chloride (B)Injection 5% (A) + 0.9% (B)80.48
Glucose (A) + Sodium Chloride (B)Injection 5% (A) + 0.9% (B)65.03
Glucose (A) + Sodium Chloride (B)Injection 5% (A) + 0.9% (B)22.5
Glucose (A) + Sodium Chloride (B)Injection 5% (A) + 0.9% (B)20.33
Glucose (A) + Sodium Chloride (B)Injection 5% (A) + 0.9% (B)31.13
Glucose (A) + Sodium Chloride (B)Injection 5% (A) + 0.9% (B)28.12
Glucose (A) + Sodium Chloride (B)Injection 5% (A) + 0.9% (B)44.23
Glucose (A) + Sodium Chloride (B)Injection 5% (A) + 0.9% (B)38.21
GlutaraldehydeSolution 2%0.07
GriseofulvinTablet 125mg1.02
GriseofulvinTablet 375 mg5.34
Hemodialysis fluidAs license0.04
Human Normal ImmunoglobulinSolution for infusion 5%192.06
Human Normal ImmunoglobulinSolution for infusion 10%260.03
Human Normal ImmunoglobulinSolution for infusion 16.5%494.49
HydrochlorothiazideTablet 50 mg0.1
Hydrogen peroxideSolution 6%0.04
HydroxocobalaminInjection 1 mg/ml12.31
Hyoscine butylbromideInjection 20 mg/ml12.99
IbuprofenCapsule 400 mg1.31
IbuprofenCapsule 200 mg3.33
ImatinibCapsule 400 mg317.98
IpratropiumInhalation (MDI/DPI) 20 mcg/dose0.76
IpratropiumRespirator solution for use in Nebulizer 250 mcg/ml3.15
IsoniazidTablet 100mg0.84
IsoniazidTablet 300mg1.49
Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine4mcg to 6mcg868.4
Japanese Encephalitis Vaccineup to 3mcg661.59
KetamineInjection 10 mg/ml13.18
LevonorgestrelTablet 0.75 mg28.64
LevothyroxineTablet 37.50 mcg1.46
Lignocaine (A) + Adrenaline (B)Injection 1% (A) + 1:200000 (5 mcg/ml) (B)0.56
Lopinavir (A) + Ritonavir (B)Tablet 100 mg(A) + 25 mg(B)29.27
Measles-Rubella Vaccine110.05
Measles vaccineVaccine63.47
MelphalanTablet 2 mg122.13
MelphalanTablet 5 mg209.47
MethotrexateInjection 50 mg/ml49.86
Methylrosanilinium chloride (Gentian Violet)Paint 1%0.1
Methylthioninium chloride (Methylene blue)Injection 10mg/ml27.13
MidazolamTablet 7.5mg27.94
MorphineSR Tablet 30 mg6.78
MorphineTablet 10 mg6.62
N-acetylcysteineSachet 200mg11.2
NevirapineOral Liquid 50 mg/5ml1.04
OmeprazoleTablet 10 mg5.51
OmeprazoleCapsule 40 mg6.14
Oral poliomyelitis vaccine127.66
Oral Rehydration SaltsAs Licensed1.11
OxaliplatinInjection 100mg(as licensed)5563.59
Para-aminosalicylic acidGranules (As licensed)3.54
ParacetamolInjection 150 mg/ml3.82
ParacetamolInjection 150 mg/ml5.22
ParacetamolInjection 150 mg/ml8.02
ParacetamolInjection 150 mg/ml10.84
ParacetamolInjection 150 mg/ml13.64
ParacetamolInjection 150 mg/ml16.45
ParacetamolInjection 150 mg/ml22.06
PenicillamineCapsule 250 mg18.5
PermethrinGel 5%1.82
PhenylephrineDrop 10%10.05
PhenylephrineDrops 5%4.64
PhenytoinERCapsule 300 mg4.74
Phenytoininjection 25 mg/ml3.12
PilocarpineDrops 4%14.54
Potassium permanganateCrystals for topical solution0.54
Povidone iodineScrub 7.5%1.99
Povidone iodineOintment 10%6.48
Povidone iodineSolution 4%2.16
PraziquantelTablet 600 mg43.24
PrednisoloneInjection 20 mg/2ml4.46
PyrazinamideOral Liquid 250 mg/5ml0.76
RifampicinTablet 150 mg2
RifampicinTablet 300 mg3.65
Ringer LactateInjection 1000ml99.3
Ringer LactateInjection 100ml26
Ringer LactateInjection 250ml44.33
Ringer LactateInjection 500ml56.49
RitonavirCapsule 100 mg35.13
SalbutamolCapsule 4 mg0.74
Silver SulphadiazineCream 1%0.62
Snake venom antiserum- Lyophilized polyvalentPowder for Injection693.7
Snake Venom Antiserum-Soluble/ Liquid PolyvalentInjection538.7
Sodium ChlorideInjection 0.9%73.87
Sodium ChlorideInjection 0.9%58.26
Sodium ChlorideInjection 0.9%21.84
Sodium ChlorideInjection 0.9%19.67
Sodium ChlorideInjection 0.9%29.46
Sodium ChlorideInjection 0.9%26.44
Sodium ChlorideInjection 0.9%40.96
Sodium ChlorideInjection 0.9%34.86
Sodium nitriteInjection 30 mg/ml32.34
Sodium NitroprussideInjection 10 mg/ml32.14
StreptokinaseInjection 7,50,000 IU1567.32
Succinyl CholineInjection 50 mg/ml6.02
SumatriptanTablet 25mg41.44
SumatriptanTablet 50mg64.15
SurfactantSuspension for intratracheal instillation (As83.27
TacrolimusTablet 0.5 mg23.32
TacrolimusTablet 1 mg42.83
TacrolimusTablet 2 mg84.6
TD VaccineEach dose of 0.5ml contains: Diphtheria Toxoid ≤5Lf (≥ 2IU) Tetanus Toxoid ≥ 5Lf (≥ 40IU)23.33
TD VaccineEach dose of 0.5ml contains: Diphtheria Toxoid ≤5Lf (≥ 2IU) Tetanus Toxoid ≥ 5Lf (≥ 40IU)219.24
TD VaccineEach dose of 0.5ml contains: Diphtheria Toxoid ≤25Lf (≥ 30IU) Tetanus Toxoid ≥ 5Lf (≥ 40IU)20
TemozolomideTablet 100 mg1925.47
TemozolomideTablet 20 mg466.49
TemozolomideTablet 250 mg4765.73
ThiopentonePowder for Injection 0.5 gm50.71
ThiopentonePowder for Injection 1 gm61.52
TimololDrops 0.25%6.43
TramadolInjection 50 mg/ml (20 ml Pack)1.54
TramadolTablet 100 mg24.48
TramadolTablet 50 mg10.03
VerapamilInjection 2.5 mg/ml1.45
VinblastineInjection 1mg/ml25.54
Vitamin ACapsule 50000 IU0.68
WarfarinTablet 1 mg3
WarfarinTablet 2 mg3.31
WarfarinTablet 3 mg3.89
WarfarinTablet 5 mg2.92
Water for InjectionInjection2.89
Water for InjectionInjection2.79
Water for InjectionInjection57.39
Water for InjectionInjection100.73
ZidovudineCapsule 300 mg2.56
ZidovudineTablet 300 mg17.74
Zinc sulphateDispersible Tablet 20mg3.91
ZolpidemCapsule 5 mg9.14
AcetazolamideCapsule 250mg5.04
Acetylsalicylic acidEnteric coated Tablet 75 mg0.34
Acetylsalicylic acidConventional/Effervescent/ Dispersible/ Enteric coated Tablets 150 mg0.7
AcyclovirOral liquid 400mg/5mL (p)1.35
AlbendazoleOral liquid 200mg/5mL(p)1.79
AlbendazoleTablet 400mg7.04
AlbendazoleChewable Tablet 400mg8.12
AmoxicillinOral liquid 250 mg/5 mL (p)1.55
Amphotericin BAmphotericin B (conventional) - Injection 50mg/vial227.39
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)Tablet 100mg0.23
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)Tablet 500mg1.48
AtracuriumInjection 10 mg/ml16.97
BetamethasoneInjection 4mg/mL4.74
BudesonideRespirator solution for use in nebulizer 0.5mg/mL11.89
BudesonideRespirator solution for use in nebulizer 1mg/mL13.14
BupivacaineInjection 0.5 % with 7.5 % glucose7.38
BupivacaineInjection 0.5 %4.41
BupivacaineInjection 0.25%2.82
CaffeineInjection 20mg/mL250.49
CalamineLotion (As per IP)0.95
CefiximeCapsule 200mg14.67
CholecalciferolCapsule 60000 IU30.77
CholecalciferolCapsule 1000 IU4.88
CiprofloxacinOral liquid 250mg/5mL(p)0.74
ClomipramineTablet 10 mg2.84
ClomipramineTablet 25 mg6.22
ClomipramineTablet 75 mg16.45
ClotrimazoleLotion 1%3.89
ClotrimazolePessary 100mg10.01
ClotrimazoleDrops 1%3.37
Co-trimoxazole [Sulphamethox azole (A) +Trimethoprim( B)]*Tablet 400 mg (A) + 80 mg (B)0.89
Co-trimoxazole [Sulphamethox azole(A) +Trimethoprim( B)]*Oral liquid 200 mg (A) + 40 mg(B)/5mL(p)0.34
Cyclophospha mideTablet 50mg3.73
CycloserineTablet 250mg46.01
Dexamethason eInjection 4mg/mL (Pack of 10ML)1.56
Dexamethason eInjection 4mg/mL (Pack of 20 ML)1.34
Dexamethason eInjection 4mg/mL (Pack of 30ML)0.89
DiazepamTablet 2 mg1.43
DiazepamSuppository 5mg6.18
DicyclomineInjection 10mg/mL (Less than 10ML Pack)3.31
DicyclomineInjection 10mg/mL (10 ML & more pack))2.09
DigoxinOral liquid0.05mg/mL1.46
DigoxinInjection 0.25mg/mL3.86
DiltiazemTablet 30mg2.67
DiltiazemInjection 5mg/mL3.49
DobutamineInjection 50 mg/ml9.02
DPT+ Hib+ Hep B VaccineAs licensed75.64
EfavirenzTablet 200 mg (p)22.53
EnoxaparinInjection40mg/0.4mL , injection 60mg/0.6 ml111.97
EsmololInjection10 mg/mL26.38
EthambutolTablet 200mg1.14
FluconazoleCapsule 200mg40.1
FluconazoleCapsule 150mg19.21
FluconazoleInjection 200mg/100mL92.32
FurosemideOralli quid 10mg/mL3.31
GentamicinInjection 40mg/mL (Pack of 10ml)1.51
GentamicinInjection 40mg/mL (Pack of 20ml)1.54
GentamicinInjection 40mg/mL Pack of 30ml)1.23
Glyceryl trinitrateSublingual Tablet 0.5mg1.26
HaloperidolInjection 5mg/mL6.51
HaloperidolTablet 20mg5.35
Hepatitis B immunoglobulinAs Licensed5498.39
Hepatitis B vaccineAs Licensed78.82
IfosfamidePowder for Injection 2000mg643.11
IfosfamidePowder for Injection 1000mg318.94
ImatinibCapsule 100mg73.48
Insulin (Soluble)Injection 40 IU/ml16.98
IohexolInjection 300mg iodine/mL16.89
LevothyroxineTablet 150 mcg1.7
LignocaineInjection 1%8.86
LignocaineInjection 5% with 7.5% glucose3.49
Lignocaine (A) +Adrenaline(B)Injection2%(A)+1:200000(5 mcg/mL)(B)1.05
LoperamideCapsule 2mg3.78
LorazepamInjection 2mg/mL8.09
MannitolInjection 10 %0.19
Mefenamic acidTablet 250 mg2.1
MethotrexateTablet 5mg9.42
Methylprednisol oneInjection 40mg/mL45.66
MetoclopramideInjection 5mg/mL (10 ML & More Pack)1.62
MetoclopramideOral liquid 5mg/5mL(p)0.5
MetoprololCapsule 25mg4.13
MetoprololCapsule 50mg5.81
NitrofurantoinCapsule 100 mg8.64
NitrofurantoinOral liquid 25mg/5mL(p)0.88
OmeprazoleTablet 20 mg4.33
OmeprazoleCapsule 10 mg2.41
OmeprazolePowder for oral liquid 20mg1.51
OmeprazoleTablet 40 mg8.45
OndansetronTablet 8 mg9.05
Oral rehydration saltsAs licensed0.14
OxytocinInjection 10IU/mL39.87
PaclitaxelInjection 30 mg/5 mL, injection 100 mg/16.7 ml215.43
PermethrinCream 5%1.85
PermethrinLotion 1%0.99
PermethrinCream 1%1.5
PermethrinLotion 5%0.99
PheniramineInjection 22.75mg/mL (2ml)2.75
PheniramineInjection 22.75mg/mL (10ml)2.06
PhenytoinModified Release Tablet 300mg6.57
PhenytoinTablet 100mg1.76
PhenytoinTablet 50mg0.84
PhenytoinOral liquid 30mg/5 mL(p)0.34
PhenytoinOral liquid 125mg/5mL(p)1.09
PhenytoinCapsule 300mg4.65
PhenytoinCapsule 100mg1.82
Phytomenadion e (Vitamin K1)Tablet 10mg14.54
Insulin Premix 30:70 InjectionInjection 40 IU /ml16.98
PrimaquineTablet 2.5mg1.74
PropranololCapsule 40mg4.24
PyridoxineTablet 10mg0.11
QuinineInjection 300 mg/mL9.49
RamiprilCapsule 2.5mg4.66
RamiprilCapsule 5mg7.18
SevofluraneLiquid for inhalation31.16
Sodium bicarbonateInjection (as per IP) - 7.5%1
SomatostatinPowder for Injection 3mg1358.92
Tetanus toxoidAs licensed (5ml)25.53
Tetanus toxoidAs licensed (0.5ml)12.46
TramadolCapsule 50mg4.82
TramadolCapsule 100mg9.03
Vitamin ATablet 50000IU (including Chewable Tablet)0.72
Vitamin AInjection 50000IU/mL2.26
MercaptopurineTablet 50mg5.25
AbacavirTablet 300 mg48.59
Abacavir (A)
Tablet 600mg (A)
+300mg (B)
AcetazolamideTablet 250mg4.05
Actinomycin DPowder for Injection 0.5mg331
AcyclovirTablet 400mg13.65
AcyclovirTablet 200mg7.61
AcyclovirPowder for Injection 250 mg426.37
AcyclovirPowder for Injection 500 mg528.41
AcyclovirTablet 800mg37.66
AcyclovirOintment 3%11.67
AdenosineInjection 3mg/mL92.84
AllopurinolTablet 300mg5.62
AllopurinolTablet 100mg1.89
AlprostadilInjection 0.5mg/mL6106.41
AmiodaroneTablet 200mg11.51
AmiodaroneTablet 100mg6.14
AmiodaroneInjection 50mg/mL21.13
AmitriptylineTablet 50mg5.98
AmitriptylineTablet 75mg5.44
AmitriptylineTablet 25mg2.48
AmitriptylineTablet 10mg2.38
AmlodipineTablet 2.5mg1.79
AmlodipineTablet 5mg2.5
AmlodipineTablet 10mg5.44
AmoxicillinCapsule 250mg2.44
AmoxicillinCapsule 500mg7.35
Amoxicillin (A) +
Clavulanic acid (B)
Powder for Injection 1 g (A) +200mg (B)140.64
Amoxicillin (A) + Clavulanic acid (B)Powder for Injection 500mg (A) + 100mg (B)101.33
Amoxicillin (A) + Clavulanic acid
Dry Syrup 125mg (A) + 31.25
Amoxicillin (A)
+Clavulanic acid (B)
Tablet 500 mg (A) + 125 mg (B)18.29
Amoxicillin (A)
+Clavulanic acid (B)
Oral liquid 200 mg (A) + 28.5mg(B)/5
AmpicillinPowder for Injection 500 mg14.25
Artemether (A) + Lumefantrine(B)Tablet 40 mg (A) + 240 mg (B)18.04
Artemether (A)
Tablet 80mg(A)+480mg(B)25.5
Artemether (A)Tablet 20 mg (A) +12.64
#NAME?120 mg (B)
ArtesunatePowder for Injection 60 mg244.71
ArtesunatePowder for Injection 120mg454.4
Artesunate (A) + Sulphadoxine -
Pyrimethamine (B)
Combi pack (A+B) 1 Tablet 50mg (A) +
1Tablet (500mg + 25mg) (B)
Atazanavir (A)
Tablet 300mg(A) + Tablet 100mg(B)99.82
AtorvastatinTablet 40mg19.29
AtorvastatinTablet 20mg12.55
AtorvastatinTablet 10mg4.94
AtorvastatinTablet 80mg40.57
AtropineDrops 1%3.93
AtropineOintment 1%4.7
AtropineInjection 0.6mg/mL4.57
AzathioprineTablet 50mg11.25
AzithromycinPowder for Injection 500mg204.71
AzithromycinTablet 250mg11.64
AzithromycinTablet 500mg23.56
AzithromycinOral liquid 200 mg/5 mL (p)3.4
BaclofenTablet 20mg16.28
BaclofenTablet 10mg11.89
BaclofenTablet 5mg6.36
Bendamustine hydrochlorideInjection 100 mg/vial4946.53
Benzoyl peroxideGel 2.5 %3.62
Benzoyl peroxideGel 5 %7.97
Betamethasone valerateCream 0.05%0.67
Betamethasone valerateCream 0.1%1.04
BicalutamideTablet 50mg43.3
BisacodylTablet 5mg1.16
BisacodylSuppository 5mg9.97
BleomycinPowder for Injection 15units677.37
BortezomibPowder for Injection 2mg5260.2
BuprenorphineTablet (Sub- lingual)0.4mg9.42
(A) +Naloxone (B)
Tablet (Sub-lingual) 2mg(A)+0.5mg(B)36.97
(A) +Naloxone (B)
Tablet (Sub-lingual) 0.4mg(A)+0.1mg(B)11.81
CaffeineOral liquid 20 mg/mL245.67
Calcium folinateTablet 15mg47.53
CapecitabineTablet 500mg112.71
CarbamazepineModified Release – Tablet 200mg2.39
CarbamazepineModified Release – Tablet 400mg4.66
CarbamazepineTablet 400mg3.55
CarbamazepineTablet 200mg1.56
CarbamazepineOral liquid 100mg/5mL(p)0.31
CarbamazepineTablet 100mg1.06
CarbimazoleTablet 10mg4.26
CarbimazoleTablet 5mg2.18
CarbimazoleTablet 20mg13.86
CarboplatinInjection 10mg/mL59.06
Carboxymethyl celluloseDrops 0.5%12.29
Carboxymethyl celluloseDrops 1%16.58
CefadroxilTablet 500mg4.47
CefadroxilOral liquid 125mg/5mL(p)0.68
CefiximeTablet 400mg22.09
CefiximeTablet 200mg9.77
CefiximeOral liquid 50 mg/5 mL (p)1.62
CefiximeOral liquid 100mg/5mL(p)2.38
CefotaximePowder for Injection 250 mg17.71
CefotaximePowder for Injection 500 mg24.37
CefotaximePowder for Injection 1000mg39.96
CeftazidimePowder for Injection 1000mg227.01
CeftazidimePowder for Injection 250 mg79.06
CeftriaxonePowder for Injection 500 mg50.27
CeftriaxonePowder for Injection 250 mg28.34
CeftriaxonePowder for Injection 1000mg62.38
CeftriaxonePowder for Injection 2000mg138.11
CefuroximeOralliquid 125mg/5mL(p)5.28
CetirizineTablet 10mg1.88
CetirizineOral liquid 5mg/5mL(p)0.66
ChloroquineTablet 150 mg1.16
ChloroquineOral liquid 50mg/5mL0.33
CholecalciferolTablet 1000 IU4.3
CholecalciferolOral liquid 400 IU/mL2.61
CholecalciferolSolid oral dosage form 60000 IU Tablets22.5
CiprofloxacinTablet 250mg2.19
CiprofloxacinTablet 500mg4.24
CiprofloxacinDrops 0.3 %1.53
CiprofloxacinInjection 200mg/100mL0.2
CiprofloxacinOintment 0.3%1.28
CisplatinInjection 1mg/mL7.08
ClarithromycinTablet 250mg23.89
ClarithromycinTablet 500mg39.83
ClarithromycinOral liquid 125mg/5mL(p)4.6
ClindamycinCapsule 150mg16.35
ClindamycinCapsule 300mg28.36
ClindamycinTablet 300mg18.97
ClobazamTablet 5mg5.72
ClobazamTablet 10mg9.84
Clomiphenecitrat eTablet 100 mg13.94
Clomiphenecitrat eTablet 50mg8.83
ClonazepamTablet 0.25mg2.01
ClonazepamTablet 0.5mg3.45
ClonazepamTablet 1mg4.76
ClopidogrelTablet 75mg6.66
ClopidogrelTablet 150 mg20.48
ClozapineTablet 25mg2.78
ClozapineTablet 50mg5.19
ClozapineTablet 100 mg8.45
ColchicineTablet 0.5mg3.26
Cyclophosphami dePowder for Injection 500mg73.48
CyclosporineCapsule 25 mg28.04
CyclosporineOral liquid 100mg/mL(p)80.58
CyclosporineCapsule 50 mg55.1
CyclosporineCapsule 100mg103.1
Cytosine arabinosideInjection 1000mg/vial1130.26
Cytosine arabinosideInjection 100mg/vial139.58
Cytosine arabinosideInjection 500mg/vial536.3
DacarbazinePowder for Injection 200mg381.72
DacarbazinePowder for Injection 500mg518.79
DaclatasvirTablet 60mg199.95
DarunavirTablet 600mg154.42
DexamethasoneTablet 0.5mg0.22
DiazepamTablet 5 mg1.62
DiazepamInjection 5mg/mL5.53
DiclofenacTablet 50mg2.05
DiclofenacInjection 25mg/mL1.69
Diethylcarbamaz ine (DEC)Tablet 100mg1.67
Diethylcarbamaz ine (DEC)Tablet 50mg0.56
Diethylcarbamaz ine (DEC)Oral liquid 120mg/5mL(p)0.48
DigoxinTablet 0.25mg1.33
DiltiazemTablet 60mg5.46
DinoprostoneGel 0.5mg84.71
DocetaxelPowder for Injection 20mg2868.23
DocetaxelPowder for Injection 80mg10333.12
DolutegravirTablet 50mg112.78
DomperidoneTablet 10mg2.3
DomperidoneOral Liquid 1mg/mL1.24
DonepezilTablet 10mg17.45
DonepezilTablet 5mg12.1
DopamineInjection 40mg/mL4.76
DoxycyclineCapsule 100mg3.08
D-PenicillamineCapsule 250 mg15.65
EfavirenzTablet 600mg70.59
EnalaprilTablet 5mg3.7
EnalaprilTablet 2.5mg2.18
EntecavirTablet 1mg130.22
EntecavirTablet 0.5mg84.43
ErythropoietinInjection 2000IU/mL549.55
ErythropoietinInjection 10000 IU/mL1969
EscitalopramTablet 5mg5.02
EscitalopramTablet 10mg9
EscitalopramTablet 20mg14.36
EthambutolTablet 600mg4.08
EthambutolTablet 800mg4.95
EthambutolTablet 400mg2.61
Ethinylestradiol (A)+
Levonorgestrel (B)
Tablet 0.03mg(A) + Tablet 0.15mg(B)3.17
EthionamideTablet 250mg14.81
EtoposideCapsule 50mg56.63
EtoposideInjection 20mg/mL34.51
FilgrastimInjection 300mcg1159.91
FluconazoleTablet 400mg29.74
FluconazoleTablet 200mg17.45
FluconazoleTablet 100mg7.62
FluconazoleTablet 150mg12.06
FluconazoleTablet 50mg9.67
FlunarizineTablet 5mg2.47
FlunarizineTablet 10mg4.82
FluoxetineCapsule 20 mg3.99
FluoxetineCapsule 60 mg11.1
FluoxetineCapsule 40 mg6.49
FluoxetineCapsule 10 mg3.31
FluphenazineInjection 25mg/mL55.26
Folic AcidTablet 5 mg1.51
FurosemideTablet 40mg0.9
FurosemideInjection 10mg/mL2.99
Fusidic acidCream 2 %9.83
GefitinibTablet 250mg237.12
GemcitabinePowder for Injection 1000mg5592.24
GemcitabinePowder for Injection 200 mg1299.72
GentamicinInjection 10mg/mL2.41
GlimepirideTablet 2mg5.79
GlimepirideTablet 1mg3.7
GlucoseInjection 25%0.2
Glyceryl trinitrateInjection 5mg/mL6.18
GlycopyrrolateInjection 0.2mg/mL14.53
GriseofulvinTablet 250mg1.77
HaloperidolTablet 1.5mg1.56
HaloperidolTablet 5mg3.56
HaloperidolTablet 10mg4.77
HaloperidolOral liquid 2mg/5mL2.24
HalothaneLiquid for inhalation6.09
HeparinInjection 1000IU/mL21.21
HeparinInjection 5000IU/mL59.96
HomatropineDrops 2%6.4
Hormone Releasing IUDContains 52 mg of Levonorgestrel4103.29
Human chorionic gonadotropinInjection 5000 IU417.45
Hydrochlorothiaz ideTablet 25 mg1.74
Hydrochlorothiaz ideTablet 12.5mg1.04
HydrocortisonePowder for Injection 100mg44.79
HydrocortisoneTablet 10mg6.7
HydrocortisonePowder for Injection 200mg65.6
HydrocortisoneTablet 5mg3.11
HydrocortisoneTablet 20mg14.88
Hydroxy propylmethyl celluloseInjection 2%29.2
HydroxychloroquineTablet 400mg13.8
Hydroxychloroqu ineTablet 200mg6.35
HydroxyureaCapsule 500mg12.12
IbuprofenTablet 200mg0.7
IbuprofenTablet 400mg1.19
IbuprofenOral liquid 100mg/5mL(p)0.22
ImatinibTablet 100mg69.75
ImatinibTablet 400mg199.61
Insulin Intermediate
Acting (NPH)
Injection 40IU/mL16.98
Iron sucroseInjection 20mg/mL57.4
IsofluraneLiquid for inhalation9.65
Isosorbide dinitrateTablet 5mg0.81
Isosorbide dinitrateTablet 10mg0.8
IspaghulaGranules/Husk/Pow der0.94
ItraconazoleOralliquid 10mg/mL4.94
IUD containing CopperAs licensed280.99
KetamineInjection 50mg/mL12.12
LabetalolInjection 5mg/mL49.98
LactuloseOral liquid 10 g/15mL1.23
LamivudineTablet 100mg10.4
LamivudineTablet 150mg10.86
L-AsparaginasePowder for Injection 5000 KU1034.81
L-AsparaginasePowder for Injection 10000KU1707.64
LenalidomideCapsule 5mg67.25
LenalidomideCapsule 25 mg292.25
LetrozoleTablet 2.5mg29.31
LeuprolidePowder for injection17080.55
acetate22.5 mg
Leuprolide acetatePowder for injection 11.25mg9293.96
Leuprolide acetatePowder for injection
3.75 mg
LevetiracetamTablet 250mg6.3
LevetiracetamTablet 500mg12.98
LevetiracetamModified Release Tablet 750mg18.29
LevetiracetamTablet 750mg19.34
LevetiracetamOral liquid 100 mg/mL (p)3.96
LevetiracetamInjection 100mg/mL23.01
Levodopa (A) + Carbidopa (B)Modified Release– Tablet 200mg (A) +
50mg (B)
Levodopa (A)
Tablet 100 mg (A) + 25 mg (B)2.57
Levodopa (A)
Tablet 100 mg (A) + 10 mg (B)1.76
Levodopa (A)
Tablet 250mg(A)
Levodopa (A)
Modified Release–
Tablet 100 mg (A) + 25 mg (B)
LevofloxacinTablet 250mg4.76
LevofloxacinTablet 500mg8.8
LevofloxacinTablet 750mg12.44
LevothyroxineTablet 50mcg1.03
LevothyroxineTablet 75mcg1.43
LevothyroxineTablet 88 mcg1.64
LevothyroxineTablet 112 mcg1.65
LevothyroxineTablet 25 mcg1.44
LevothyroxineTablet 62.5mcg1.61
LevothyroxineTablet 12.5mcg1.48
LevothyroxineTablet 100mcg1.32
LevothyroxineTablet 125mcg1.69
LignocaineTopical forms 2-5 %1.13
LignocaineInjection 2%1.04
LinezolidTablet 600mg35.66
LithiumTablet 300mg1.62
LoperamideTablet 2mg2.27
Lopinavir (A) + Ritonavir(B)Tablet 200 mg (A) + 50mg (B)47.96
LorazepamTablet 1 mg2.3
LorazepamTablet 2 mg2.81
Magnesium sulphateInjection 500mg/mL4.86
MannitolInjection 20 %0.34
MebendazoleTablet 100 mg2.9
MebendazoleOral liquid 100mg/5mL(p)0.84
Medroxyprogest erone acetateTablet 10 mg6.24
Medroxyprogest erone acetateInjection 150mg/mL289.74
MefenamicacidOral liquid 100mg/5mL(p)0.56
MefloquineTablet 250 mg52.15
Meglumine diatrizoateInjection 60%w/v9.47
Meglumine diatrizoateInjection 76%w/v10.2
MesnaInjection 100mg/mL15.5
MetforminTablet 1000mg3.48
MetforminTablet 500mg2.01
MetforminModified release Tablet 1000mg4.04
MethotrexateTablet 10mg13.28
MethotrexateTablet 2.5mg5.31
Methylergometri neTablet 0.125mg8.93
Methylergometri neInjection 0.2mg/mL14.94
MetoclopramideTablet 10mg1.34
MetoclopramideInjection 5mg/mL
(Less than 10ML Pack)
MetoprololTablet 25mg4.2
MetoprololTablet 50mg5.84
MetoprololModified Release14.99
Tablet 100 mg
MetoprololTablet 100 mg11.13
MetronidazoleTablet 200mg0.81
MetronidazoleTablet 400mg1.52
MetronidazoleInjection 500mg/100mL0.21
MetronidazoleOral liquid 200mg/5mL(p)0.51
MidazolamNasal Spray 1.25mg/ actuation216.8
MidazolamNasal Spray 0.5 mg/actuation79.93
MidazolamInjection 1mg/mL5.92
MidazolamInjection 5mg/mL10.87
MifepristoneTablet 200mg350.89
MisoprostolTablet 200mcg18.97
MisoprostolTablet 100mcg9.92
MontelukastTablet 4 mg10.03
MontelukastTablet 5 mg (including chewable
Tablet s)
MontelukastTablet 10 mg16.43
MorphineInjection 10mg/mL19.59
MorphineInjection 15mg/mL14.93
MoxifloxacinTablet 400mg25.82
Mycophenolate mofetilTablet 500mg73.87
Mycophenolate mofetilTablet 250mg49.6
N-acetylcysteineInjection 200 mg/mL23.63
NaloxoneInjection 0.4mg/mL92.72
NatamycinDrops 5%23.37
NeostigmineInjection 0.5mg/mL5.01
NeostigmineTablet 15mg4.58
NevirapineTablet 200 mg15.79
NifedipineTablet 10mg1.53
NitrofurantoinTablet 100 mg8.1
NoradrenalineInjection 2mg/mL20.17
NorethisteroneTablet 5mg5.39
OmeprazoleCapsule 20 mg2.87
OndansetronTablet 4 mg5.13
OndansetronOral liquid 2mg/5mL(p)1.25
OndansetronInjection 2mg/mL5.96
OxaliplatinInjection 5 mg/mL in 10 mL vial2233.82
OxytocinInjection 5 IU/mL17.83
PantoprazoleInjection 40mg50.45
ParacetamolTablet 650mg2
ParacetamolOral Liquid 125 mg/5 mL (p)0.37
ParacetamolOral Liquid 250 mg/5 mL (p)0.67
ParacetamolOral liquid 120 mg/5 mL (p)0.6
ParacetamolTablet 500mg0.89
ParacetamolSuppository 80mg6.66
ParacetamolSuppository 170mg7.94
PhenobarbitoneTablet 30mg1.31
PhenobarbitoneTablet 60mg1.89
PhenobarbitoneInjection 200mg/mL22.14
PhenobarbitoneOral liquid 20mg/5mL (p)0.49
PhenytoinTablet 300mg5.48
PhenytoinInjection 50mg/mL5.95
Phytomenadione (Vitamin K1)Injection 10mg/mL53.08
PilocarpineDrops 2 %10.83
Piperacillin (A)
Powder for Injection
1000mg(A)+125mg( B)
Piperacillin (A)
Powder for Injection 2000mg(A)+250mg( B)191.53
Piperacillin (A)
Powder for Injection 4000mg(A)+500mg(B)399.38
Potassium chlorideOral liquid 500mg/5mL0.3
Potassium chlorideInjection 150mg/mL2.39
Povidone iodineSolution 5%0.43
Povidone iodineSolution 7.5%0.81
Povidone iodineSolution 10% (0.96
Pralidoxime chloride (2-PAM)Injection 25mg/mL4.56
PrednisoloneTablet 40mg3.4
PrednisoloneOral liquid 5mg/5mL(p)0.49
PrednisoloneOral liquid 15mg/5mL(p)0.86
PrednisoloneTablet 10mg1.19
PrednisoloneTablet 5mg0.68
PrednisoloneTablet 20mg2.39
PrednisoloneDrops 1%5.76
PrimaquineTablet 7.5mg2.37
PrimaquineTablet 15mg5.13
ProparacaineEye Drops0.5%10.24
PropofolInjection 10mg/mL6.5
PropranololTablet 40mg3.21
PropranololTablet 10mg1.31
PropranololTablet 20mg3.19
Protamine SulphateInjection 10mg/mL9.77
PyrazinamideTablet 1000mg10.52
PyrazinamideTablet 500mg4.88
PyrazinamideTablet 750mg7.2
PyrazinamideTablet 1500mg11.8
PyridoxineTablet 100 mg5.97
QuinineTablet 300 mg5.65
Rabies vaccineAs licensed378.69
RaltegravirTablet 400mg147.78
RamiprilTablet 2.5 mg5.21
RamiprilTablet 5mg8.18
RibavirinCapsule 200 mg26.49
RifampicinCapsule 600mg11.35
RifampicinCapsule 450mg5.67
RifampicinCapsule 150mg2.28
RifampicinCapsule 300mg4.6
RifampicinOral liquid 100mg/5mL(p)0.47
RisperidoneTablet 1 mg3.02
RisperidoneTablet 2 mg4.48
RisperidoneTablet 4 mg7.35
RisperidoneOral liquid 1mg/mL2.2
RitonavirTablet 100mg29.2
RituximabInjection 10mg/mL761.76
SalbutamolTablet 4 mg0.21
SalbutamolTablet 2 mg0.17
SalbutamolOral liquid 2mg/5mL0.17
SalbutamolInhalation (MDI/DPI) 100mcg/dose0.49
SalbutamolRespirator Solution
(Solution for Nebulizer 5mg/mL)
Salicylic acidOintment 3-6% (6%)2.01
Sodium bicarbonateInjection (as per IP)
- 8.4%
Sodium ValproateTablet 300mg4.46
Sodium ValproateOral liquid 200mg/5mL(p)0.65
Sodium ValproateTablet 200mg3.58
Sodium ValproateModified Release – Tablet 500mg9.28
Sodium ValproateTablet 500mg8.11
Sodium ValproateModified Release – Tablet 300mg6.09
Sodium ValproateInjection 100mg/mL6.74
SofosbuvirTablet 400mg525.08
SpironolactoneTablet 50mg4.37
SpironolactoneTablet 25mg2.18
StreptokinaseInjection 15,00,000IU1877.23
StreptomycinPowder for Injection 750 mg10.1
StreptomycinPowder for Injection 1000mg10.86
SulfasalazineTablet 500 mg4.72
TacrolimusCapsule 0.5mg20.66
TacrolimusCapsule 1mg40.62
TacrolimusCapsule 2mg84.33
TamoxifenTablet 20mg2.94
TamoxifenTablet 10mg2.2
TelmisartanTablet 20mg3.87
TelmisartanTablet 40mg6.76
TelmisartanTablet 80mg10.4
TemozolomideCapsule 20 mg441.31
TemozolomideCapsule 250mg4303.77
TemozolomideCapsule 100mg1508.62
TenecteplaseInjection 40mg/vial50386.9
TenecteplaseInjection 30mg/vial36907.98
Alafenamide Fumarate (TAF)
Tablet 25mg48.87
Tenofovir Disproxil Fumarate (A) +
Lamivudine (B)
Tablet 300mg (A) + 300mg(B)45.57
Tenofovir Disproxil Fumarate (A)
+Lamivudine (B)+Efavirenz(C)
Tablet 300mg(A)+ 300mg (B) +
Tenofovir Disproxil
Fumarate (TDF)*
Tablet 300mg45.83
ThalidomideCapsule 50 mg31.15
ThalidomideCapsule 100mg62.01
ThiamineTablet 100 mg4.46
ThiamineInjection 100 mg/mL22.59
TimololDrops 0.5 %13.39
TiotropiumInhalation (MDI) 9 mcg/dose2.78
TiotropiumInhalation (DPI) 18mcg/dose10.7
TramadolInjection 50mg/mL (upto 2ml pack)11.78
Tranexamic acidInjection 100 mg/mL13.71
Tranexamic acidTablet 500 mg18.54
TrastuzumabInjection 440mg/50mL54722.18
TrihexyphenidylTablet 2mg1.36
TropicamideEye drop 1 %9.42
ValganciclovirTablet 450 mg400.71
VancomycinPowder for Injection 500 mg317.61
VancomycinPowder for Injection 1000mg470.23
VancomycinPowder for Injection 250 mg251.24
VecuroniumPowder for injection 10mg117.35
VecuroniumPowder for injection 4 mg74.4
VerapamilTablet 80 mg1.59
VerapamilTablet 40mg0.86
VincristineInjection 1mg/mL57.51
XylometazolineNasal drops 0.05 %4.19
XylometazolineNasal drops 0.1%5.12
Zidovudine (A)
+Lamivudine (B)+Nevirapine
Tablet 300mg (A)
+150mg (B) +200mg (c)
Zidovudine (A)
Tablet 300mg (A)+ 150mg (B)21.09
Zoledronic acidPowder for Injection 4mg2391.91
ZolpidemTablet 5mg6.21
ZolpidemTablet 10mg8.51
AmikacinInjection 250mg/mL/1 ML54.16
AmoxicillinOral liquid 125 mg/5 mL (p)/1 ML1.02
CefuroximeInjection 1500 mg338.74
DoxycyclinePower for Injection 100 mg/1vial502.6
Glycerin/glycerol (as mentioned in IP)Topical - Lotion/1 ML1.23
Glycerin/glycerol (as mentioned in IP)Topical - Cream2.36
Human chorionic gonado tropinInjection10000IU928.24
Human chorionic gonado tropinInjection2000 IU343.64
Insulin GlargineInjection 100 IU/ml203.44
IohexolInjection 350mg iodine/mL14.23
Irinotecan HCltrihydrateSolution for injection 20mg/mL964.84
ItraconazoleCapsule 100mg/capsule16.67
ItraconazoleCapsule 200mg22.12